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    Issues in building RPM


    by suryabhan singh ·


    I am a fresher in building RPM, I am facing some issues while building it, please help me in resolving it.

    My issues are as below:

    1. What will be the structure of file and directories in tarball while calling them in spec file and how we define in spec file?

    2. How we will place predefined directories without changing into it in rpm.

    Ex. i.) Assume I have a doc directory it contain some sub directory and 20-30 file of different-different format at different-different location. Please let me know how I will do this, will I define each directory and file name in spec file (How?) or is there any way that I will push that directory directly in RPM through spec file.

    3. If I will create a pre and post config scripts files, then how I will define in spec file?

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