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    Issues with MS Network Access Quarantine server


    by bjennings59 ·

    We have been in the midst of deploying Microsoft’s Network Access Quarantine server for about 6 months. We have approximately 85% of our remote US users moved over to this new remote access requirement. As we move more and more folks over, we are seeing an increase in the following error: “The quarantine server cannot be contacted – please retry your connection”

    This project has been quite a challenge to us overall, but this particular error, we just can’t seem to pin down what the cause is. We check for all the obvious: 1)make sure port 7250 is open, 2) make sure you have all the latest security patches 3) if on a wifi router check for firmware updates 4) make sure the service is started and running, etc.
    I would welcome advise or a chance to chat with anyone who was successfully (???) implemented Quarantine.

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