Issues with new Small Buisness 2003 server and workstations in the Domain

By brettl ·

Last weekend I installed a new SB 2003 server in an office environment. The old server was server 2000. We have not yet moved the Exchange portion of the server over yet, so the old server is still up and acting as the DHCP server as well. The environment is rather small, about 20 workstations. There are 2 domains, the old one DBDSERVER and the new one DBDPC-SAGINAW. New user accounts were created on the new domain from scratch as there was no easy way to convert them over. We moved the data from the old server to the new and changed all of the workstations to logon to the new domain. All permissions were set and initially we turned on roaming profiles (BAD IDEA!). This caused a ton of slowness as some of the profiles were huge. So, I removed the profile information from the user accounts and changed the workstations to local profiles. The workstations do logon much quicker now.


There are sporatic connectivity issues with random workstations that cause programs to halt (End Task Now). There is a home grown database, a receptionist program called Phone Slips, and MS Office documents that this is happening to. I deleted all of the old profiles accounts on the workstation and created new local profile accounts. I have not tested a brand new account created from scratch without any prior roaming profile issues at this time. I plan on testing this soon, but is there anything else that could be causing the random application lockups that are over the network? Any information or leads on this issue is GREATLY appreciated as I am banging my head on the wall at this point.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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