Issues with Roaming Profiles

By ctmcswain ·
We've been using roaming profiles for over 4 years without a problem. When we started using them we were on a Windows Server 2003 Domain functional level. Since then we have upgraded to a Windows Server 2008 Native domain functional level. We've had no major problems with this configuration up until about 4-5 months ago. All the sudden we are seeing multiple copies of the same profile being created and stored on the local machine to the point where they all become currupt and unusable. When you look in the Windows XP machines' "C:\MY Documents and Setting\" you will see a normal profile named "userx" and then you will see a number of bogus profiles that look like "userx.contoso.000" "userx.contoso.001" "userx.contoso.002" etc. With in the userx profile folder there is only folders for cookies and Local Settings. All of the subsequent bogus profiles are the same except for the last one create which appears to contain the "working copy" of the users profile. Any suggestions on what might be causing this and how to correct this would greatly be appreciated.

I can get copies of the GP's used in these cases if that would help. Please contact me for that. Thanks in advance.

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Have a look here

by NexS In reply to Issues with Roaming Profi ...

The bottom post says:
<i>Log in to the problem PC as an Admin.
Go the registry under:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\ You will see the SIDs associated for each profile. We had this same problem and just took off the extensions that were added to the new profile (i.e. .000, .001, etc.) to where it was just the username. We added that user to the local admin group, so that Office would not reinstall itslef and everything worked fine. Logged off as Admin and logged on as the user and their profile was back. You're basically pointing the new profile to use the old profile.</i>

Another point to ask is; Is it only for one certain user?
I've seen this before on a 2003 server domain and it was on a laptop.
If it's just one user, can you give the user a new profile and have it work? (that is, if the above doesn't work)

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by ctmcswain In reply to Have a look here

Thank you for your reply NexS. Basically the "solution" we've come up with is to simply delete all local copies (bogus or not) form the computer and allow the user to pull down a new copy from our server. We are running Office 2007. And it seems to only be happening to a handful of users out of 400+.

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Helpful tools

by john.light In reply to Issues with Roaming Profi ...

Maybe UPHClean service
Use DELPROF to get rid of old profiles.

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