Issues with running MSO10 32bit in Win7 Pro 64bit

By Foxfire2010 ·
I am running Win 7 Pro 64bit in Lenovo Thinkpad 510 and have loaded Office 10 Home and Office 32 bit.

Please advise if there are conflict issues with running a 32bit application in 64 bit operating system.

I am experiencing crash problems in Outlook 10 32bit, but I am not certain if it realtes to the 32bit and 64bit compatibility

Any suggestions or help is appreciated

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Win7 compatibility center

by TobiF In reply to Issues with running MSO1 ...

In general, a 64-bit system should decently handle 32-bit applications that aren't too old.

In case you haven't been there, check MS site on this topic:

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Win7 64bit & Outlook 2010 32bit problem

by Foxfire2010 In reply to Win7 compatibility center

I checked to compatibility page on MS which states that Outlook 2010 v14 is compatible with Win7 64bit.

It does not explain why Outlook constantly freezes or does not start. I can only restart Outllok following re-boot.

Any further suggestions

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Printer drivers

by TobiF In reply to Win7 64bit & Outlook 201 ...

Office depends on a lot of other stuff in the environment.

If you get any error messages, try to analyze what they are saying.

I'd start with checking what printer is set as default printer in the system, since Office may try to talk to the corresponding driver every time it draws a page on screen.

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Probably because it is not a 32/64 bit issue.

by seanferd In reply to Win7 64bit & Outlook 201 ...

Start looking up the actual error received. If you don't see one displayed when Outlook crashes, start looking through the Event Logs. Save the DrWatson log if Drwatson is invoked upon Outlook crashing.

#1 cause of problems is Office add-ons.

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