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Istallation of a printer that needs a IP Address

By jjgaiser ·
Hi! I am trying to install a invoice printer in my new office. I am completely hooking up a new printer to my network...trying too. I do not have an IP Address for my printer. It would have been easy if I would have disconnected a printer and used that old IP address, but this is a new office. How do I go about obtainning a new IP Address for this printer so that I can connect my printer to my network. I want everyone in my office to be able to print quotes from the PC's. This is a big problem that I need to get solved. Please help me.

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2 things to start to help you...

by shiny_topadm In reply to Istallation of a printer ...

Hi, welcome, it seems that you are new to this site, some general guidance: you are asking a "question" rather than starting a discussion. You may get more answers if you post this as a "question" in the appropriate place on this site. Second, it would be really helpful to provide some details about your setting, not just your problem. By details, I mean what type and size of network, what make and model of printer for starters. There are many experienced people on this site who will help, but you need to give us a little more to start with!

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Are you sure the printer is network capable?

by NickNielsen In reply to Istallation of a printer ...

Does it have an internal network adapter?

Your network admin will be able to provide an IP for you. If you are the admin, you should be able to assign a permanent IP in your DHCP stack by assigning the printer's MAC address to it and enabling BootP in the printer.

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Configure IP address

by Nimmo In reply to Istallation of a printer ...

What you need to do is when you have connected the ethernet cable to the printer, print a configuration page this will give you the printers current IP address which would have been obtained by the DHCP server on your network.

Most network printers have a web interface which will allow you to connect directly to it so you can configure it in a graphical environment, which you will be able to use once you obtain the IP address.

You didn't specify what make/model the printer is but some will have a LCD display which you can also use to configure the IP address and other options.

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Network printer

by info In reply to Istallation of a printer ...

what kind of router and are you hooking the printer to the router or are you keeping it totally wireless? Router assigns ip addresses to what ever wireless capable device you are hooking up to the network. you will need your ssid (network name) and security key (wep key) your printer will have settings button on it wherein you can enter the ssid and wep key into printer. then print network settings from your printer settings option - this will tell you what the ip address is.

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So you are an "IT Consultant"

by j-mart In reply to Istallation of a printer ...

Then you sould have the knowlege to work it out for yorself.

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