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istalling windows98

By brucester_23 ·
How do I install widows98 with cd? I installed it with a hard disk and now I need to install it from the cd but the computer can't find the cd-rom. what do I need to do?

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by TheChas In reply to istalling windows98

Depending on your hardware, and the specific Windows 98 CD, you might be able to set the BIOS to boot from the CD.

If you can boot from the CD, you should end up in the Windows 98 setup program.

If you are booting from a floppy or hard drive to the DOS prompt, you need to install a DOS mode CD-ROM driver.

The Windows 98 startup floppy does this automatically.

If you don't have one, the easiest way to create 1 is from a running Windows 98 system.

Place the Windows 98 CD in the CD drive.

Open up Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, and click on the Startup disk tab.
If there is not a startup disk tab, click on Windows Components, and there should be an option to create a startup disk.

A startup disk is different from a normal bootable floppy in that it contains programs to help you prepare a PC to install Windows from the installation CD.


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by TheChas In reply to istalling windows98

Got your message.

The add comment button is MIA again.

Got your message.

A few questions:

Is the hard drive partitioned and formatted?

If it is formatted, was the /s option used?
This copies the system files to the drive and makes it bootable.

Do you get a prompt on your monitor that looks like


With the underscore flashing?

What do you see when you run the dir command?

If the only file listed is, you have booted to a formatted and bootable hard drive.

If you get a list of 5 folders and 4 or 5 files including setup.exe, you have booted to a command prompt from your CD.

If the CD is drive C:, that means you do not have the hard drive partitioned and formatted.

Looking at the W98 CDs I have, I don't see an option to run fdisk or the format command from the CD.

So, basic steps:

First, make sure that you have saved ANY files you need off of the hard drive.

The following steps assume the hard drive is blank, or new.

Boot from a W98 startup floppy.

At the DOS prompt, run fdisk
Answer yes to support for large hard drives.

Create a primary DOS partition and mark it as active.

Exit fdisk and reboot from the floppy.

At the DOS prompt, run the command:
format C: /S
This will format the hard drive and make it a bootable drive.
At the end of the format, give the drive the volume label of your choice.

With your W98 CD in the drive, at the DOS prompt, type in setup and press enter.

This should find your CD drive and start the Windows 98 setup program.


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by TheChas In reply to istalling windows98

How much RAM does this computer have?

From the error message you are getting, the startup program is not finding enough system RAM to create the RAMDISK that is used to load the startup programs in.

You need a minimum of 64 MB of RAM for Windows 98. 128 MB to 384 MB is better.

If the motherboard uses shared memory for the video system, you need to add the amount of video RAM to the minimum system RAM requirements.
That is, if you set aside 32 MB of shared RAM for the video, you then need 96 MB of system RAM installed.

Alternately, you have bad RAM or RAM that is not compatible with your motherboard.

You need to either add or replace RAM before you will get any further with installing Windows.


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