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IT 101: Dead End Job; Right or Wrong?

By Animal1978 ·
*Edited for my own reasons*

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by Animal1978 In reply to IT 101: Dead End Job; Rig ...

It appears I lost my discussion content from the original post. So I'll be currently editing.

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Oh dear

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT 101: Dead End Job; Rig ...

Look at it from their point of view.
If you were in their shoes and an employee made the decisions you have, where would they fit in your plans, absolutely nowhere if you are honest.

You wasted every possible advantage you had, in fact made your situation much worse with the extended leave manouevre. Worse still you came back, what message did that send?

Two years doing your bosses job, with no recognition?. That's a message all by it self, and a damn poor one.
Should have FU'd them after six months absolute maximum.
Sorry if I've been a bit brutal, but you seemed to need a kick up the arse, to dislodge what's been in there for the last few years.

Cut your losses move on, it's the only option you have left.
Do it now before they relegate you even, further. If it was me in charge of you, you'd have a well groomed understudy right now, and I'm one of the least corporate management oriented people you'll ever encounter.
You would have given me no choice, you see.

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by Animal1978 In reply to IT 101: Dead End Job; Rig ...

I must have been having a seriously bad day to post that. With some hindsight I am removing the comments because to me now that is nothing more than a massive, online grip.

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