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By DAx2REx2L ·
Hey guys, my name is Darrell and I'm trying to make a breakthrough in the IT field. Quite simply, I love Computers and coding. I received my first PC at the age of eight and fell in love with Computers ever since. When I was a kid and who didn't, cringe and clasp my hands over my ears whenever my mother told me to clean my room, wash the dishes, take out the trash and the last but not least, Clean the bathroom! (Yuck) but when I got in front of the computer, I could do whatever I wanted, code whatever I wanted. I love these machines. When I first graduated from High school, I wanted to get into the IT field but my mother had high hopes of me making a break through in the medical field. I did that first and a year in college, I hated it, don't get me wrong, I was passing my class but it just did not feel right and its not what I wanted to do. After speaking to my mom, she caved and let me come back home, I started in 2010 - 2012 and got my AS degree in Computer Programming. I'm trying to figure where to go for IT training and get my certification, anyone heard of New Horizon(?), I was thinking of going there but researched and read some bad reviews about the school. Here's my plan and I need advice on if this is the right way to go or should I look for some IT training some-where else?:

Go to my Local Community College and get my Network Service Technology along with receiving my CCNA cert. It's a two year program.

At the same time, Get my CompTIA A+. I have this Study guide book and hoping by mid-november which I'll be done studying and get my Cert this year or whichever the next test will be.

If I can by next year get my Network A+

By the second year, I should be ready for Microsoft Cert, not sure if there is a study guide book for that as well.

I DO have an small experience of upgrading and repairing PC's.

Please any tips, advice will help. Thank you :)

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