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IT, an industry of self control?

By John Fantel ·
People in the IT industry are naturally drawn to technology. Using IT, reading about IT, researching on IT. But if one cannot impose some self restraint, getting side tracked is inevitable.
What do I mean? Has anyone ever filled up their web browser w/so many tabs you can scroll side to side on the tabs? Or began a search on one topic, but while reading, you kept finding new tech or words that send you on a search for that new topic, which leads you to find a new term to search for and ends up taken you so far from your original search, you would be lost if you were driving?
I've noticed this can happen with all breeds of IT people, so what do all of you think? Has this happened to you? How do you combat this either for yourself or for employees? I personally try setting an internal clock of X number or minutes or seconds before I close out the browser and return to sanity.

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