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IT and Mathematics in a career

By Tiesto2096 ·
Is there any IT jobs that a Math degree would be useful in?

I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me because im stuck at a crossroads with where to start a career. I don't know too much about all the possible jobs in the IT industry. I have a degree in Mathematics that included a few C++ and assembly programming classes. I also have a Network+ and A+ certifications. I liked learning these certs but all I find on job boards are $10 - 12/hr tech support jobs reading scripts. Will Math only help me in Programming/software Development type of jobs? Is there more education/certs I could get to help combine my two areas to have a desired specialized skill?

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I would suggest specific kinds of apps.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to IT and Mathematics in a c ...

Apps that require very advanced maths, that ordinary programmers don't automatically know, but that you do? But otherwise, someone else may give you a better answer.
You may need to ask around for which programming languages are preferred in those circles and buff up on those.

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Ada would be one of those.

by dawgit In reply to I would suggest specific ...

That language has very tight specifics, and Math is a definitely a + point.

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CAD / CAM / Simulation, and just Math

by dawgit In reply to IT and Mathematics in a c ...

You might try this Company first, since they are in your neighborhood.
Alibre Inc.
2350 Campbell Creek Blvd, Suite 100
Richardson, TX 75082
972.671.8492 phone
972.671.8493 fax

Media Information: pr@alibre.com
Employment information: hiring@alibre.com

Nope, I don't work for them, they just happen to make fairly good Software -IMHO

Last November I had a chance to talk with several Math Types, at a certain CAD Conference. They were at the Master, Dr, Level. Down right cool bunch, and a refreshing break from dorkie sales types.

Anyway, the field you might try is in the Simulations part of CAD / CAM world. Fun stuff, and the industry in finally realizing that it's less expensive to think things through first. (Except Apple and Toyota, BP us learning hard way)

I can keep my eye out too... Can you read / write / speak German a bit?

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danke schoen

by Tiesto2096 In reply to CAD / CAM / Simulation, a ...

I really appreciate the help and the useful info! I will look more into this company you suggested.

I studied German in high school for awhile, but my skills are very limited. I have forgotten so much of it, but I would love to learn more of it. I have friends there and I toured a lot of the country in December 2008. I could definitely see myself living there some day if the right opportunity came. Why do ask about it? Good opportunities there? I see your in Stuttgart, are you German or did you relocate there?

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Well math is always useful

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT and Mathematics in a c ...

It's often surprising how much we apply without really realising it.

Set and group theory, matrices, geometry.

Not often you see jobs where degree level math is a requirement, they are about though.

Statistics is one though, process control, simulation.

Then there's the more esoteric stuff like the math behind genetic algorithms and neural net theory.

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