IT Assessment Scoring

By ZartiTech72 ·
Hi all, I'm putting together an IT assessment for a client and I'm looking for some guidance on assigning a value or score to their current areas of IT...Servers, Desktops, Appliances, Network Security, etc...

Most of what I've found online has been very high level; data centers, large firms...

This is for a small business and I'd like to keep it simple. For example - rate desktops on RAM, Operating System, Hard Drive, Warranty Expiration, and Age of the machine.

Does anything like this exist? or should I continue developing it myself?

Any help is appreciated.

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Continue Developing on Your Own

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to IT Assessment Scoring

This way, you will know it is meeting your needs. It will also be good experience going forward.

If the client uses a vendor like Dell, where you can directly look up the status (original specs, warranty) of a PC via the web + asset tag, it may be helpful to include those links in the document (maybe format the Asset name text to jump to the site).

Just a thought.

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