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IT Assistant- advice

By m_quy ·

I recently was hired for my first job in the "real world" IT industry. I was just curious if any veteran IT staff (or managers) had any good advice on what to pay special attention to, or how to get in good with the boss.

I'm just extremely excited and ready to learn anything I can.


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Integrity !!!

by stargazerr In reply to IT Assistant- advice
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As a "boss"

by JamesRL In reply to IT Assistant- advice

Here is how to get in good with the boss:

1) Learn your job well. Better at first to be cautious and carefull and a little slower than the others than to be fast and sloppy.

2) Take every opportunity you can to learn. Learn about your job, learn about the company you work for, learn about the business your company is in.

3) Be generous. Be generous with your time (don't nickle and dime for overtime, don't be a clockwatcher) share your time and skills with your peers. Be generous with praise and thanks to others.

4) Be a team player. Thank your peers when they help you. Help them when you can.

5) Stay optimistic. Every group has a pessimist or two. Its good to undestand their perspective, but don't let them and their attitude take over your life.

6) Look for ways to make improvements. Careful on this one - if you do it too soon, you risk looking too eager. But once you really understand your job and do it well, start look for ways to make it more efficient and productive. Go slow - start small - make little improvements and prove yourself before you tackle the bigger issues.

7) Have integrity. Be honest. Honor your committments.

If you can do all that, you can shine.


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Brilliant !!

by stargazerr In reply to As a "boss"

One thing that my dad has to add to this is :)

The boss is always right

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The boss isn't always right

by JamesRL In reply to Brilliant !!

But you have to be careful how you tell him/her that truth.


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by stargazerr In reply to The boss isn't always rig ...

The Boss is almost always wrong..but you have to follow what he says AS IF he is always right...humor him

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by jdmercha In reply to IT Assistant- advice

Identify who your customers are. Keep them happy.

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With a name like RougeCoder...

by angry_white_male In reply to IT Assistant- advice

With a name like RougeCoder I'd probably toss your resume.

But anyway... learn the job... build trust with your boss and your "customers"... always be on the lookout for training opportunities... don't take chances in a live environment (build a test enviroment you can **** up and put back together again)... show up on time... surf the internet at home... set an example for your end-users... be professional... people skills are everything.

Good luck and welcome to the **** we call IT!

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People Skills

by LiveNDieN LA In reply to IT Assistant- advice

As you will surely find out many folks in our industry enjoy ridiculing end users, customers, those not in the IT field. Don't be a part of that. Be diplomatic, don't make users feel like idiots, be courteous and be cautious until you are absolutley sure about what you are doing.

If you follow up with users they love it and that will make your job easier. Respect your peers and your users, tell the truth, don't slack off.... and you will stand out amongst your fellow workers.

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by siegmeister In reply to IT Assistant- advice

I would have to agree with us_geeks_rule,... if the 3 biggest factors in realestate are location, location and location, then the biggest factors in IT are integrity, integrity, integrity !!!! Just think of it like this; if you owned the company what would you want/expect from the people with access to ALL your data (financial information, company secrets/patents, employee records, etc). If you prove to be, or even show signs of not being trustworthy, why would an employer want you around?

I think another point is this,.... NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING in this field (although there are those who would lead you to believe they do),... don't be afraid to say you don't know, and then ALWAYS follow up and find the correct answer. That tidbit will help you build trust and integrity from your boss.

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