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IT Audit entrance point?

By Peter Choi ·
Provided the following situation:

I have two years experience as a programmer. Now I want to shift my career towards IT Audit and Security.
I have applied for CISA and CISSP exams on October and December 2005 respectively. Assume that I can pass both I may still need some experience in order to be certified.

The problems is:
CISA requires at least 2 years IS AUDIT experience, but companies normally hires people with 2-3 years audit experience. This forms a dead loop. Where can I obtain these 2 years experience after I finish the exam?

Commercial and financial institutions, mortgage corps, stock broker firms...
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IT Audit entrance

by ghstinshll In reply to IT Audit entrance point?

Peter, I am a system admin/eng who has been recruited and is training on the job as an IT Auditor. I've been on the job for 8 months now, and think I might have good hope for you.

The IT Audit field is SO tight right now that some shops are willing to take in & train, as long as the company has large enough of an audit staff to help guide you along. I work for a financial company in Des Moines, IA, where we have 3 Sr. operational auditors, their manager, and a director. We also had (before I came) a Sr. IT Auditor & Manager under our director, and a slew of other team members under my manager in other offices. So far the team has been as helpful as possible, but the road into IT Audit can be rough on an IT person. Hopefully, as a programmer you're more used to writing long paperwork in conjunction with your planning, testing, & such. Also, your experience with code, production, source, executable will help you as well.

I think that tayloring your resume towards your new goal is a must. Also, in your studies, read through CoBIT ( Understanding CoBIT and its methodologies & policies will help you identify risks and prove them as risks better than just waiting for experience to come.

I do not have the CISA or CISSP, but hope to as I go through my career, and eventually become a CIA (Cert Int Aud) as well. Showing the initiative and doing the work will truly help you land a job, but be patient.

It might not happen fast, or it might. I'd start networking with recruiters on the accounting and IT side of things, and have them help you get the ball rolling on your search, and by the time you pass the CISA you'll probably be working already.

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Same boat as you

by joshiharsha In reply to IT Audit entrance point?

I am facing the similar situation as you..I have 2 years of web development experience and have cleared CISA exam.I have no experience in IT audit where I really would like to see myself. Have no idea how to enter IT audit field..I thought clearing CISA was a way but doesn;t seem to be helping much..Let me know if something works out for you and I will do the same..

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Same boat as you

by Sohaha In reply to Same boat as you

Hi Joshi Harsha,

Mind if I asked you where are you located? USA or elsewhere?



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Same boat as you

by zacisa In reply to Same boat as you

I have had 3 years of experience in client management, and selling wireless and software solutions. I have also cleared CISA thinking it will help me improve my chances of getting a better job. However, it is in vain till now. I am not a technical person but have majors in Business Management and would like to pursue IT Auditing as my career. Please can some one tell me whether it is important for me to take additional courses in IT? How can I go about applying for a job?

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Any luck buddy?

by ramitdayal In reply to Same boat as you help me to know incase you had any luck getting a job as an IT Auditor. Interested to know how the market reacts to a non technincal person trying to enter this field.

Thanks in advance.

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Any luck so far?

by ramitdayal In reply to Same boat as you

Wil be a great help if you could provide your latest status in the hunt to get a break in this feild. Your challenges are something which im foreseeing as well :-(


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Same boat as you

by ishaan_brijen In reply to Same boat as you

I am located in USA.


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