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IT Behind Vaulted Doors....

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Round 2 Planning....

by Mp3SpY In reply to IT Behind Vaulted Doors.. ...

<p>I must say its such a hassle with this whole moving thing...Well atleast I am moving in the right direction.   The commute won't be as bad once I settle down in the area.  I am pretty thankful to have my aunt and uncle in the area.  I wonder if I would of still taken this position if I didn't have a temporary living area while I still get my feet wet..hmmmm  Ol well...Everything happens for a reason???  Maybe its one of those things.... I am sure glad I am done at UMMS....what a relief.  You have no idea....I definitely gained a few life lessons, then again I was only there for 5.5 months..  It was a short period in my life, i'll have to agree with you )  Its funny everyone asks me if I am excited about the new job and the whole moving thing.  Of course I am excited...But something is holding it al in.  I can be overt about it sometimes but, you know how I am....I like to know its a for sure thing... Even tho nothing is a for sure thing in life...   </p>

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Down here...2nd day...Settlement Process

by Mp3SpY In reply to IT Behind Vaulted Doors.. ...

<p>So I must say this commute is definitely something I am pleased with.  I am sure there are other routes but i'll learn....So yea, its my second day down "here."  I am very pleased with the setup, oh and my office/cubicle.  I don't know it has no door but its big enough to be a small office...if that makes any sense.  Hey, three machines/two 19'' LCDs and a leather chair, window.. yea i'll take it :)  ANyway, I have someone from my team down in the area helping me out, showing me the ropes and such.  Theres still a lot of stuff to learn and pick up but I know I'll do fine.   I wish I could give details, but sorry everyone.  None the less, I can say the environment is exxxxtremely unique to say the least.  I am starting to realize I am going to have way more responsibilities under my belt and I will certainly be learning soo much more, which really excites me.  If all works out here this will be a HUGGGGGGGGE stepping stone for me.  As my cousin would say...soak it alll up like a sponge.  Putting all that aside I must say there is A LOt OF EYE CANDY if you all must know its great. Its like an 8 to 1 ratio...unheard of.  O'l well.  Since I am only guy on the team for now at this location it will be tough to meet people but all I need is some time....So living in my Aunt's living room isn't the bestttttt BUT its only temporary...Free Food Free living until i figure this area out..yea sure I'll take it....Until Next Time


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