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I took a new position and discussed using a bonus structure tied to projects and the like. This company is very bonus driven and liked my ideas, so now they asked me what I had in mind and to come up with some bonus ideas. So what type of IT bonuses (project or other) has anyone used or heard off. I want to maximize my return while being fair. I have a lot of projects going on and currently the only IT person in their employ. Also, I am underpaid but aren't we all.

What kind of ideas or experiences does anyone have?


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How about x% for meeting deadlines,

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT bonuses

then knock x% off the duration so you get the project 'on time' but never have to pay out?

That's always a classic.

There's only two fair bonus schemes to those lower on the food chain.

Or one where manipulation of schedules penalises the manipulators.

Come up with a fair one and the beancounters will veto it, or at best gradually make it unfair.

Pass this on to all your guys, don't believe it, you either end up doing twice as much or you end up with half as much.

I've been on lots of different bonus schemes, only one was fair, it got binned after one pay out.

That was equal percentage across the board of gross salary based on final profit figure vs initial prediction.

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