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By 3xp3rt ·
It was a painful time when I worked in IT management, but my professional live is the technical job. That means when I realized this it was very heavy to return to technical position. From system administrator I become Project manager and after IT department manager. In present I?m system administrator and I want to keep this position. The reasons are :

When I worked in management, I was very busy with problems like financial resources, human resources, plans, meetings and so on. I haven?t time for read the news in IT, the try new techniques, and all the information in IT I must accept from my stuff like valid.

After a period I realized that my IT knowledge level become to old for that time. For example I didn?t know what is a SATA drive. Only what I knew that is a fast HDD controller.

After a big war, I?m again system administrator, and I?m very happy for this.

My daily work contain min. of 3 hours of reading news in IT, solutions in IT, tips and tricks in IT and I have time for try what I find and what I suppose it?s useful.

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hi there pal!

by not an underage In reply to IT career

im a bit new here. can you please post a reply on my thread. thank you.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to hi there pal!

Ok but I don't understand the reason!
Maybe you can explain for me.

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just askin

by not an underage In reply to hi there pal!

do u always talk about techy stuffs?

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by 3xp3rt In reply to just askin

In this site always. This is the reason to access this site. Find out what's new in IT, find solutions tips and tricks. For other kind of discussions I use Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger and Skype.

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I agree

by jSanyi In reply to IT career

You?re lucky! And you're right. It's the most interesting job on the world.

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