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IT Career... an oxymoron???

By Benjamin ·
Hello everyone. I have returned to the US after being in the UK for 8 years. While there, I was able to successfully join the world of IT and progress my career quite nicely. I was fortunate to get started in 1999, the year Y2K mania struck fear into most corporations everywhere. As such, I was able to work for several consultancies as we prepared major corporations for the "devastating" effects of January 1st 2000. Because of this I was able to obtain invaluable experience as I worked with and upgraded computer systems.

We all know what happened AFTER the cities of the world welcomed the new millennium so I won't talk about that. Fortunately for me, I was still able to obtain consulting work for other IT projects with some of these companies because I actually ended up saving them a LOT of money. I would take directors aside, go to the time and date settings of their PC, change them to a date in the year 2000 and ask them to work as they normally do. When asked why I did this, I commented that this is all you need to know about how your systems will be affected when January 1st rolls around. Because of this, I was called back to do legitimate projects. And I did this until last year when I finally decided it was time to return home.

Now, that I am home I have come to realize that IT work has all but dried up in my part of the country (Arizona) and the prospects don't look any better in other parts of the US. So, here I am providing phone tech support for a shipping company. Hmmmm. This can't be right. I keep hearing horror stories about how recent college graduates with a degree in IT can't even find a job! I'm sure a lot of you out there can remember the days when there were actually more jobs available than there were people to fill them. Not any more!

So, here I stand, (well sit actually) with 5 years of job related experience in everything from front end software and hardware support to running things and administrating from the back end. I can configure and troubleshoot just about anything out there and I can't even find a job in my field of expertise. The market is saturated with guys like me. Granted I don't have any letters after my name and have not actually taken the time to pursue such things as MCSE, CNA, etc. because I have the hands on experience. Now I am beginning to wonder where I go from here.

I am not asking for advice or anything. I would however be interested to know how many of you (and I am sure there are a lot of you) who have similar stories to tell and what you are doing about it. Supposedly with all the outsourcing that is happening, there "SHOULD" be more opportunities opening up for more technical jobs. Yeah, right! I'm thinking that if one of my friends who is an awesome software developer can't find a job, what chance in **** do I have?
I look forward to any and all posts to this discussion. Thanks for reading and all the best to all of you!

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by Black Panther In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

And it doesn't stop them putting through all these Uni Graduates where probably 1 in 10 may have a chance of getting a job ( Same situation here in Australia )

Good luck... keep trying!

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Surrounded by H1B Visas

by TmanA37 In reply to Don't get mad, get even!

The IT company I work for has been laying off thousands of workers, some IT, some not and either outsourcing the jobs or replacing them with H1B Visa workers.
This year 40 of my co-workers and friends were laid off and now their empty cubicles have been filed with H1b Visa workers from India.
I walk by the printer and fax machines and see applications for Visa extentions, and US citizianship.
It just a slap in the face to the American Workers and a constant reminder to me.
Here are some very good sites:

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Re: Surrounded by H1B Visas

by danarothrock In reply to Surrounded by H1B Visas


I urge you to join the free Yahoo group H1BClassAction and document your H1B observations. You may remain anonymous, but we are actively filing complaints to the US Department of Labor Office of Inspector General on visa abuse and corruption. Investigations are ongoing.

What you have described is a blatant violation of US immigration laws.

Go to:
register, then go to
and upload your story.

Dana Rothrock
"This battle will not be won at the polls.
This war will be won in the courts."

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h1b *^%^%

by jorizvi In reply to Surrounded by H1B Visas

what company is that then

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by Tech-Trend In reply to Don't get mad, get even!

Some good points being made here. I appreciate the positive attitudes of some contributors demonstrating a tenacity to adjust and succeed despite the difficulties. For them as well as the weary folks that have reinvented themselves, preventing more suicidal "free" trade agreements is fundamental to restoring our economy. Whether you are in IT, timber, woodworking, manufacturing... activating Congress to Stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas (likely to be voted on in 2005) is crucial. It's an axpansion of the destructive NAFTA and you can get up to speed on it at:

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It's the same in other countries

by Alejandro L In reply to can h ...

I live in Colombia and we are cautious about the benefits of NAFTA for us.

For example, companies like Oracle closed local services and transfered it to Miami, It is the same with Microsoft. These companies are only interested in sell licencees here.

Here, the power of big IT companies is greater than in USA because in addition they are supported by U.S. Department of State. The benefits of NAFTA for these companies are less taxes and the posibility to close more functions here and do it remotely. In other business, i.e. pharmaceutical, they are consolidating their datacenters and support areas in U.S.A and other countries.

In conclusion, the NAFTA will change our business independent what side of the border you are. You win or lose depending of the big companies' interests.

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H1-B Visas the Economic Reality

by aesthetic_s In reply to Don't get mad, get even!

Let me first give a brief background on myself, I am a former IT consultant in an Accenture level firm, so I can sympathize with everyone crying foul at the H1B visa situation.

But lets keep a few facts in mind. Immigration as a whole is a smaller percentage of our overall population then any point in our nation's history. Blacks and the labor class in general have always been put out by open immigration policies of our society. The truth is that the owning class needs open immigration in all industries, to maintain profits. America is not in decline even though many of us well bred, well educated americans are not finding jobs as easier as our parent's generation. We must realize that our property values and stock portfolio gains in the past decade have been due in large part to H1B visas. I know its hard for us to accept but globilzation in the Long run enriches everyone, econ 101. Our skills are not as valuable as we may think they are, what is important is entrepeneurial risk taking and relationship (salesmanship) building. We all know how much even mediocre real estate agents make don't we?? Alot especially in H1B visa land. Just an example of what really matters in the world. Don't expect that even though you studied really hard and bought the right education that you are actually entitled to anything. That foreign student has done the same thing, and we are all competing for the same world.
The American Medical Association has been a model for those looking for protection for IT professionals in the U.S. but it will simply lead to the death of IT altogether in the U.S.A. The AMA is already really killing non-medical jobs by raising the cost of the healthcare system by greatly increasing the cost of doing business in america, and hiring for one of (IT professionals) and breaking state bankrolls.

Protectionism has actually, historically been the downfall of great nations from ancient Rome, Persia to China.

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by GlitchA1 In reply to Yes

I run an IT company in Australia - Show me a uni graduate that can communicate, doesn't demand a totally unrealistic starting salary, has a concept of ethics, and can actually **do** what they represent on a CV, they get jobs with me.

I also like it when people turn up on time and don't have the effects of their nocturnal activities having them zombified at a workstation.

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It's the sad reality...

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to IT Career... an oxymoron? ...

I fall under that first category you mentioned (recent grad w/IT degree). ****, I even got my A+ certification while in school, and I did volunteer work at the school as a network administrator for a year and a half. And... nothing. Still no employment.

I don't know what to do, myself. I apply for jobs I'm perfectly qualified for, and don't even get called in for an interview, and when I do I don't get called back for a second one. I've gone through recruiters, and I agree with that "IT Recruiters are the worst!" thread; this guy was supposed to try and get me a tech support job with BrightHouse Networks, and when I contact him about it he tells me "Sorry, but it looks like the position is put on hold." That was the last I heard from him. It's very depressing, I have to say. Best advice I can give is to try to grin and bear it and hope something better comes along. I'd be happy to even get a phone support job right now, and I hate phone support.

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