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IT Career Boat is Taking on Water....... SOS!!

By TekBoyNY ·
I would really like some opinions out there on my situation. I work for company X. Company X was a small company with a one man IT Dept. I took it back in 2004 for various reasons. I am coming up on my third anniversery here and it has allowed me to get my hands dirty with a lot of different things. Most of which I never dealt with before . IE) PBX Systems SQL,Exchange, Programming, Projetc Management, Web Development. The company was purchased by Company Y last year. Company X is dying and will be dead within a year. The IT Dept is already dead. The past two months I have done almost nothing except try to study, practice and learn new things.There are no current opportunities in my state for this West Coast based Company Y. I am somehwat known to Upper Managemenet in company Y . I singlehandedly integrated our LAN to their WAN on my end and also relocated the IT services to a new office. Do you think it's possible to somehow get involved with the remote corporate IT dept projects( they are Novell based btw and I only am trained on windows(although I am very good at what I do and can learn things extremely quickly) ), if not how can I speak to the branch office manager in a way that will alow me to keep my current position and search for a new job( or whats the best way to go about trying to accomplish this)? Should I keep quiet and use my vacation time to interview, or wait until the end? Also, what's the best way to market myself in 2007 NYC. I have Technical school training degree only, some college in an unrelated subject, 2000/2003 MSCE, and A +. I am definitely looking forward to some opinions.

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The writing was on the should have bailed sooner

by Why Me Worry? In reply to IT Career Boat is Taking ...

Being from NY, you should know that the IT market is booming here. I posted my resume on popular job search engines and was flooded with more calls from recruiters than I could shake a stick at. Do the same thing, but be careful and discreet about it, but you need to bail because the current work environment is not going to take you anywhere. Don't wait until the end, or you will find yourself collecting unemployment and struggling to pay the bills. Be proactive and never let yourself be out of the job. I've made many mistakes in my career, similar to yours, and I have learned to bail out if I see that my career is being jeopardized by corporate politics or a stingy boss who won't give me a fair salary or raise.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.

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