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IT Career Research Study

By chris.kronenthal ·
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Dear TechRepublic Members,

In order to promote continued research and study in the technological disciplines, a survey being distributed by an information technology graduate student and associated university is linked to below. The purpose of the study is to identify trends in technology professionals, in regards to their personality types and thinking styles. As the scope of information technology continues to evolve and spread throughout nearly ever enterprise, technologists will continue to find themselves as the business process and operational knowledge leaders within their organization. The goal of this study is to help build the case for technology career progression not only throughout the highest levels of IT, but, throughout the entire organization itself.

All of the results are collected anonymously.

We thank you for participating, and appreciate your time. We estimate that it will take about 5 minutes to answer the survey. If you do not know your MBTI type already, by using a link provided within the study questionnaire itself, you may use the self-assessment tool to discover it. That process takes about 10 minutes.

Please use the link below to access the survey (you will likely have to copy and paste into a browser window):

Our sincerest Thanks!

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Where is the part

by santeewelding In reply to IT Career Research Study

About how much I get paid?

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Sorry - no payment

by chris.kronenthal In reply to Where is the part

Sorry - no payments for this one. I know - research for the cause :)

That said - I'm not getting paid for performing the research, so, there's no sort of profiteering happening here - just trying to satisfy my master's in IT thesis requirement.


- Chris

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You profit

by santeewelding In reply to Sorry - no payment

Try with a demographic of willing, heads-up-their-*** 18-19 year olds, the way research is done nowadays, results extrapolated to adults at large.

Too many narrow-eyed curmudgeons live here. Don't nobody get away with nuthin', far as they are concerned.

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This guinea pig reports:

by CharlieSpencer In reply to IT Career Research Study

I don't know my MBTI type (whatever that is), and I'm unwilling to take another survey as preparation for this one. I forged ahead anyway but Q5 asks for one's type and is mandatory. For giggles, I looked at the rest of the questions.

I have a problem with the statement in Q6, "I can build, and work well in a team." I can work well in a team, but I can't build one. Two-part statements should be avoided.

Q7, statement 4, "Others see me as the, or one of the, knowledge leaders." I'd avoid statements like this one, since it requires the respondent to make assumptions on the opinions of others. Better phrasing might be, "I think others see me...'. Statement 5, "I often provide more straight forward solutions to problems than my peers." also assumes knowledge the respondent may not have. Questions that offer a range of responses ("Agree", "Disagree", etc.) should always offer a "Don't Know" or "N/A" option.

Q8 appears to expect me to read yet another outside source before responding. Sorry, that ain't happening. I'm not going to do homework to satisfy your requirements.

Q9 is missing "Opportunities exist but I'm satisfied with my current position."

Q10 and 11 asks about 'stereotyped behaviors' but don't describe them.

If someone knows his MBTI type and is familiar with Richmond's "What makes a successful leader", it take less than ten minutes to compete this. Otherwise, don't bother.

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