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IT careers for introverts

By computerguy124 ·
This might be a weird question, but does anyone know of any IT careers that are generally geared towards introverts? I work at a help desk, which has turned out to be quite an extraverted job. I'm willing to get more certifications if necessary, but I really need to move to an IT job that doesn't require a customer service personality. I'm finding the social aspect of my job to be more than I can handle. Any ideas out there?

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Good Luck

by tagmarkman In reply to IT careers for introverts

All of the positions in all of my departments require interaction. Some more than others....

The introverts in my group tend to be programmers, accountants, technicains, researchers, and system administrators. This doesn't mean that they don't work as a team, or don't collaborate. It just means they tend to appreciate the give me my assignment and let me do it.

Even the introverts have to do pair programming and mentoring from time to time. The IS and IT managers tend to be more extroverted but often it does not come natural to them, they have to work hard at it.

You just happend to choose the most extroverted IT position... the Help Desk :)

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My job used to be like that...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Good Luck

Tell me to write an application, then go away until I get it done.... Those were the days :)

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Can be if that's what you want

by leczy In reply to My job used to be like th ...

If you want to be an introvert and still be in the computech world, then go for programming and a technician job. Hope your desire will be met.

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great assessment tagmarkman

by georgec In reply to Good Luck

I think tagmarkman is absolutely correct. As a programmer introvert, I find myself in the perfect job. Though it's almost impossible to avoid some degree of interaction, at least as a programmer, you'd spend a fair amount of time alone just doing your thing. The times that I must interact, I get it done and quickly get back to my "fortress of solitud".

good luck...

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Are you nuts?

by gr6120 In reply to great assessment tagmarkm ...

What is wrong with dealing with people you make it sount like another race or alliens there are people in this world that are stupid and ignorant so DEAL with it and complain later

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Let's not judge

by Eureeky In reply to Are you nuts?

If Computerguy124 likes less contact with customers, so be it. I support you, my brother!

I have worked both a helpdesk position and telephone tech support for external customers (the great unwashed public), and let me tell you first hand, those jobs sucked more than any other positions I have ever held in my entire life - especially the external customer support stuff. Even being a dishwasher at a convalescent hospital (let your imagination run wild here) beats doing external customer support.

P.S. Look up "punctuation" in the dictionary. ;-)

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Definition of introverted

by CindyPsych In reply to Are you nuts?

No, he's not nuts, he's introverted, which is what this whole thread is about.

Some people are happiest when dealing with other people. They recharge their batteries by interacting. Those people are extroverts.

Some people prefer to work alone. They charge their batteries by being alone. They are happiest when they can put their heads down and focus on something without interruptions. Those people are introverts.

What is nuts is continuing to do a job where the basic requirements of the job make you unhappy or uncomfortable.

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Then I'm an nx-trovert??

by chuck_e_3 In reply to Definition of introverted

I've always considered myself an introvert. When the whistle blows, I'd rather relax in a dark, quite room and listen to music than do anything else. But my basic tendency toward reclusiveness has always been overwhelmed by a desire to be helpful. The overbearing, rude, and impatient become tolerable when I can show them how to 'make it work.' I've always found that quite satisfying.

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by georgec In reply to Definition of introverted

amen to that CindyPsych... To each his own. I respect the person who enjoys interaction. I would hope that others would respect those of us who are introverts... it's just our style.. it takes all kinds. I have no problems with diversity.

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by Praxius In reply to Definition of introverted

Correct. Introversion is a personality "state" and not a disorder. It gets a bad rap sometimes because it's perceived as an anti-social thing. Not the case at all. Introverts need people, just not as much as extroverts. :-)

The topic is near to my heart since I'm an IT company owner, and an introvert. I've found that I can deal with people very well for short bursts of time (half hour or so) which is usually the time needed for most Help Desk solutions. If it's more time than that then I take the system to my bench and work on it in delicious solitude. :-) Then there's always remote access using VNC or PCanywhere.

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