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By ronfortines ·
Good day everyone. Let me begin by stating that I am not new to the IT field but am going through the ranks of obtaining more experience. I work for as an IT contractor for a major Appliance Organization and have had a great learning experience in their IT environment. I started out in the Helpdesk and moved to Deskside Support where I am now. I now have both general software and hardware experience. I am greatful for this opportunity. Overall, I've worked in IT since 2000 and have both Level 1 and Level 2 experience. I've gotten my A+ and Network+ in 2001. I have a Dell certification since 2008 so I can work with their hardware etc.

I am interested in gaining more knowledge in either Security and or Router configs. I haven't made up my mind. I would either like to obtain a Security+ and/or CCNA. Mind you that I am still learning and would like honest feedback about IT certifications & experience. This topic between the 2 have been driven to the ground and all forums I've been to have said experience is greater than certification nowadays. That's great to hear. Since I do have Level 1 and Level 2 (hardware) experience, would it be valuable for me to go & obtain a Security+ and/or CCNA so I can further my career? My other question is, when speaking of experience, does this mean that HR prefers people with experience in a given field within IT? For example, I don't have Security experience but have L1 & L2 experience. Will HR still consider me to have experience? Or is this considered NO experience since I've not worked within the security field? Same goes for CCNA. Though I have 9 years IT experience, I've not worked with routers. Is this considered having NO Experience in their eyes. Thanks so much guys. Please let me know your thoughts.

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