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IT Clueless Company

By Neferious ·
I recently just went on an interview for an IT management position with a medium sized company.

During the interview process it was quickly apparent that the executives had no idea on where they stood with regards to their technology.

I posed the question as to if they had a budget in mind or if they had any objectives that they would like to see implemented - you know like support is an issue, or we need to increase server uptime, or maybe we need to get control of spending...

Well, after I asked the question you could hear crickets chirping in the background.

I now I submit to you all, has anyone worked for a company that is "IT Clueless"?

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On the other hand

by Cactus Pete In reply to IT Clueless Company

Have you heard of one that isn't?

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So they need you. That's good isn't it?

by stress junkie In reply to IT Clueless Company

As dpetrak said, have you found a business where the managers aren't clueless? I haven't.

Apparently they need someone who knows their stuff. If you fit the bill then is that bad? They can't know what they don't know. If you get the job then you can slowly educate them and they will say 'Thank goodness we finally have someone here that knows IT.'

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yuo got that right

by Jaqui In reply to So they need you. That's ...

if you play your cards correctly, not only do you have a job, with a decent chance of things working right, you have the opportunity to make sure policies and procedures for the it department are set out provide the best solution for stability, security, and cost effectiveness.

that's a dream situation.

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Yep..good opportunity to be their IT "God"! lol

by TomSal In reply to So they need you. That's ...

I think this is a great opportunity, what city is it in? LOL.

Anyway...this could be long as the company is financially stable and seems to have decent and sound business can look like a friggin' genius to them, since seems apparent they don't know anything about IT.

Btw, I also think most companies (particularly small ones) are clueless with technology.


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ON the flipside

by Oz_Media In reply to Yep..good opportunity to ...

Many of these unsavvy companies, will not spend money to build the right infrastructure. THey don't care how much you scream about security, they haven't been hit and see little value in it. THey also don't understand OS changes, AV updating and salary.

The ones I've worked for that were clueless, were good for a no brainer paycheque but you soon get sick of trying to set out policies and procedures in a company that has no interest in either.

It COULD be fun, they MAY have goo dintentions, I'd wanna see the money first though. Give them a spending 'suggestion' and see if they run screaming.

I have been told "Oh yeah, we want ALL of that done!" but when it comes down to paying for the needed tools/hardware, no money to be found. "We don't need that, we have done without it for this long."

Many companies jump on the IT bandwagon with NO idea of what's involved, they just hire an admin and expect him/her to make it all go. In which case you just bide your time while looking for a better job and collecting the paycheque as you get no experience, gain no ability and spend all yoru time using outdated software because they won't see justification in buying upgrades until it's too late.

Be careful but take it for what it is, either a walk in the park with an easy paycheck, or a brick wall you will fight against during your time there.

If they can't give you a budget, I'd be pretty damn cautious about taking them up on their 'network' ideas.

Most of the time such companies feel that MSAccess with a file server constitutes a network.

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I cant agree more

by TechieRob In reply to ON the flipside

The last thing that you would want to do is be at the mercy of the managers who have NO idea what is involved or required with technology. I'm speaking from my experience here; but I have had managers who have had "bright" ideas they wanted implemented yesterday and it usually involves writing custom databases from scratch - not normally an overnight task.

This is the same mob of guys who think a good password policy is one in which everyone knows eveyones password - just in case they need to use another computer!!

Luckily for me I work in the administrative department - my manager at least has some sense about him and has allowed me to say just how silly these mundane tasks are...

But then again - this same manager was shocked when I told him that they were outsourcing support for windows NT... trying to apply his theory of sales to Operating systems; to which I quietly said "apples and oranges"

If you can guide these sheep to a safe pasture then thats a good thing - just don't get burdened with unneccesary tasks and responsibilities just because you're the only one who knows what they're doing. :)

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No budget here

by jdclyde In reply to ON the flipside

In many cases having a budget can be counter-productive. People will make a point of spending everything, because if they don't then some bean counter somewhere will decide they gave you too much and will cut you back next time, when a valid expense comes up.

I just put in for purchases as needed. The company knows me well enough to know that I have already done the following. Researched it and wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't something we NEED. Two, checked products and prices so we don't spend too much for something.

I know what will or won't get approved before I even ask for it. If it is something I feel strongly about, I will almost always get it.

It is good to be king.

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I went through that

by Oz_Media In reply to No budget here

I don't care for fixed budgets eaither but SOME spending budget needs to be realized.

A lot of these guys will fork out for computers and initial software thinking that's where it ends and you just keep it all runnign from that point onward.

I had the company where you got NOTHING without pulling teeth, then after a few years they realized that I wasn't wasting money but moving things forward after investigating and costing out solutions. It wasn't worth it for the two years of headaches and trying to get blood from a stone though. At that point I had had enough of trying to improve things proactively and just took a passive stance toward it.

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Many of them

by Oz_Media In reply to IT Clueless Company

What a great way to spend the day playing a good game and taking home a paycheque!

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by LouK In reply to IT Clueless Company

Yes, but that's why they hired me! They realised they did not have the skills or the time to look after the new IT systems they had installed so they did the savvy thing and hired an IT manager.

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