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IT conference for new manager

By swnz ·
I?ve just gained my first management position, and have been invited by the company to find a suitable conference somewhere in the world, and would appreciate any advice.

My goals for this particular conference, is to both gain an increased exposure/awareness of available technologies & trends, and to gain some general management skills for my new role.

I?ve previously been to a number of technical related conferences and training events (for example Microsoft Tech Ed), but never to a more general event.

Thus far the Interop conference has struck me as being relevant, however I am sure there are alternatives out there, and I would appreciate any input you may have.

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Welcome to Management

by BFilmFan In reply to IT conference for new man ...

Greetings and welcome to the world of management. Be ready for great rewards, personal sacrifice, bitter defeats and maybe, just maybe mind you, you can coach someone or a team of someones into sucesses.

All that aside, Interop is a good choice. The Ethical Hacker conference in Vegas is a another good choice. A lot of the conferences out there currently scheduled are listed at

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Stay Technical

by bobacross In reply to IT conference for new man ...

I've have been a manager for about 2 years and a supervisor prior to that for several years. I assume you were technical (and very good) prior to your management assignment. In my opinion, you do not need to give up your technical abilities to become a that end, I would recommend that you DO go to the technical conferences. Hit the sessions on architecture and other higher level sessions so you know how to put all the pieces together. As for management...a lot of what you'll do is common sense. In my opinion, find a seasoned manager who you respect and ask him to help you...if possible, set up a mentor relationship with this person. Also, you are the "man" now...your relationships with your peers will change...I've "put on my managers" hat when I talked to my direct reports so they know when I'm serious and that way we can remain friends.

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Best Wish

by gavaskar In reply to IT conference for new man ...
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Best Wish

by gavaskar In reply to IT conference for new man ...
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IT Manager Institute & IT Business Manager Certification

by mike In reply to IT conference for new man ...

I saw your TR request just below a management article written by me titled, "New IT Manager: Hit the ground running". There are very few practical IT management training sessions that provide real world insight and tools to manage technology resources effectively.

The IT Manager Institute ( includes a management process, lots of "how to" insight, complete set of management tools and tutorials, as well as possbily the first certification (IT Business Manager Certification) for IT managers based upon the business aspects of managing IT resources versus the technology aspects.

Your transition in becoming an effective IT manager is going to hinge on your ability to move from technology expert to a manager of people, projects, and processes. It's a difficult transition that many do not accomplish successfully because they continue to focus on the technology and don't learn how to focus on the business. It's also a big reason there is such a significant "IT business dis-connect" issue in most companies.

My web site has over 300 articles written to help IT managers of the world achieve more success. You're welcome to review them at .

In addition, two colleagues and I will be announcing the 20 Minute IT Manager Series very soon. Look for the announcement at in the next few weeks.

Best of success and congratulations on your promotion to IT manager.

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Check Colleges

by dan In reply to IT conference for new man ...

Your local business college or university may have business development seminars and possibly something in the way of managing technology.

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