IT Consultant- Looking for some advice

By Cryptopki ·
Here's a little backround:

I am 22yo, I work as a network administrator full-time for a car dealership and I would like to get a few clients and do some consultant work on the side, maybe even setup a side business doing just that.

I made some business cards up and I was thinking of setting up a website with all my services listed. Has anyone here done this successfully while working full-time? I have a few clients who are interested but I've run into a few snags.

I would have more clients but alot of them would like the safety net of me being available to them 24/7, I cannot do this because im working full-time, most of the clients I deal with would like some sort of service contract if I were to do the install of a server or network for them.

I am available after 5pm everyday, and the weekends im free, if anyone could give me some advice on how they are setup and work things out I would be greatly appreciative.

Do you think im wasting my time? Or is this feasible?

Feel free to email me with any info you might have

Thanks again

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by anthony In reply to IT Consultant- Looking fo ...

I've just set up by myself and it is a very difficult decision to make, however, the only way it is ever feasible is if you have at least 6 months money behind you to go full time for your self or if you can work part time and build it up that way. I spent the last year working part time to cover the bills and now have enough clients and time to put it all into practice, however, server installs are mission critical to business and pose the biggest business risk if it goes down. Think about your business model, you will need to have a skilled techie who you can talk things through with if you can't get there till the evening.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply but...

by Cryptopki In reply to Consulting

Thanks for the reply, but I am not looking to leave my current full-time job. That's why I wanted to know if anyone successfully did this part-time while working full-time @ their main job.

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by Cryptopki In reply to Consulting

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