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IT consultants, I would like your feedback or thoughts

By ITConsultant818 ·
I am a small-shop it consultant looking to take my business to the next level. Now, I know this is a broad question, and I have ideas of my own, but I wanted to bounce this off some others in a similar situation to see what they have done.

Ok, here it is. I am sort of in that in-between stage of my business, where I am doing well, but not as well as I would like. I am a network guy by trade, and a lot of my customers are asking for some custom programming that quite frankly, I cant do!
I've looked at a program from and spoke with someone yesterday. I was thinking about using them for some services in order to expand the things that I can provide to my clients. I don't know. I guess I'm starting to babble now.
Basically, I want to branch out into offering more services, but am not quite sure what is the best way. I would appreciate any thoughts. thx -

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by In reply to IT consultants, I would l ...

Hello IT... is a new website as of last Tuesday. How did you find it? What do you know about them?

Registrar info:

created: 24-May-2005
last-changed: 29-May-2005
registration-expiration: 24-May-2006

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not much

by ITConsultant818 In reply to

To be honest, I don't know that much about them. I only mentioned them as an example of what path I was looking to go down.
I was referred to them by a friend who works for HSBC bank. He said they used to only focus on large institutional accounts, but have been bought, and are undergoing a new marketing initiative to get into new markets. Thats about all I know about their history.
I talked with a guy from there, and he seemed ok. Don't know much else though. Sorry.

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Is this Marketing?

by Joe.Canuck@beer .ca In reply to not much

This entire thread sounds like a setup to peddle the services mentioned here. I don't think it's on to use this forum in such a fashion.

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It DID Start Out That Way, Didn't It?

by FirstPeter In reply to Is this Marketing?

Although for what it's worth after trying to communicate with them to get some more information (the concept was interesting) it's apparent I won't be using them for anything. So, if it WAS just a marketing ploy I would strongly suggest the next time they try it they have better infrastructure in place to respond.

That aside, however, I think the thread contains a lot of good advice for folks. I'm assuming ITConsultant was honest in his request (I'm going to side with the "trust until given a reason otherwise" approach), and even if not I think any IT person these days would benefit from what has been said here.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT consultants, I would l ...

"They are the name behind the name" But no mentions of waht names they were behind.
Solutions below market rate.
How do they achieve that. if you sell below market rate, you pay below market rate, so you get people who'll take that. They could be good people who don't currently appeal to the market, or they could be just people who don't appeal to the market.
They appear to flagging themselves as a reseller, so what's theer added value and is it worth it.

Can't say as a devloper of software, I was happy with the between the lines content here. As a software user, who doesn't currently have the skills and potentially the time to develop, you will have a different outlook.
If you recommend spambot and are looking for say customised reporting solutions, they are probably worth a go. If you are talking about selling client (as opposed to functionally specific) specific software, then it's going to be on a case by case basis.

One thing I would strongly recommend is that if you are going to sell programming, you should either learn something about it or develop a relationship with someone who does and listen to them, otherwise someone will make a swift buck from eating your a$$ out at the earliest opportunity.

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by ITConsultant818 In reply to Strange

Thanks for the advice. I do have a fairly strong understanding of software solutions, as I started out my career as a programmer for another local IT provider. That was about 13 yrs ago, using C++ and a language called MUMPS. (*nightmare flashback!!*)

Anyways, since then, I have always kept in the loop somewhat, but your probably right, I could get eaten alive if I get into the wrong situation.

I'll let you know what I decide to do, and how it goes. In the meantime, I may dip my feet in the water with the company (or one like it) that I mentioned earlier.

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Been there, done that...

by hwmconsulting In reply to IT consultants, I would l ...

I started out as a Consultant and was doing extremely well. I decided that I needed to offer my clients more services and bought a local computer store. Five years later, two sacked staff members later and about $30,000 lost later... I am now running a thriving local business. We are busier than ever and more profitable but I could have done without the pain & the learning curve and my consulting has almost disappeared.

My advice? Stick with what you know. Do what you do well. Look at expanding by all means but expand your client base, take on staff if needed and do what you're good at.

If you want to provide programming skills then form an informal partnership with someone who does that. Refer your clients to them and they will tend to refer clients to you.

I tell my business clients to look after their own business and let me look after mine. In other words, they do what they're good at and they don't mess with their computers. I do what I'm good at and I don't mess with their work. Everyone benefits.

Good Luck with whatever you decide.

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Thanks for the advice

by ITConsultant818 In reply to Been there, done that...

I am leaning towards just sticking to what I do best. The only thing is, I'm afraid that if I can't provide the total package, someone else may come along who does, and end up taking my customers.
But, forming a partnership isn't a bad idea either.

Thanks for the advice. Good luck to you too!

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Forming a partnership

by devesh In reply to Thanks for the advice


I agree with HWM on partnerships.

We are based in India and Singapore and work closely with consultants in US and Europe on a partnership basis on very similar basis.

Much of development is based on relationships. Onsite consultant have these. We have the production knowledge and ability. They provide the front ending and the on-site consulting and we do the back end development and delivery.

Works well for all.


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too much for everyone

by luis_a_delgado In reply to Thanks for the advice

I am in a similar situation. But fortunately, I know people with different skill sets who are helping me. I am reselling security solutions, vpns, intrusion detection, etc and having a professional take care of it. I get a percentage. I also have a relationship with an ecommerce solution provider. I get a percentage off every referral. When they refer customers to me, I give them a $$ as well. This way, we all focus on our strengths and provide a full solution to our customers. We are one big solution provider.

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