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IT consultants or do it yourself??? UPDATE

By trockii ·
Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. We DID decide to go with the consultants. They ordered the computers and server as well as the rest of the hardware and software needed. They are currently loading the "master" machine with all the software. They will then install the server and configure it. They will then image the "master" machine onto all the other machines. They are estimating only 20-30 min/ machine. We'll see. The server is still being built by Dell, so until that comes in we're stuck. The server should be done in about a week. We are pushing the install back because of the holiday. Looking to test the new installs from Dec 27-30. Then start giving them to the users on Jan.3. Hope to have everything up and transitioned by Jan. 10. All my end users are anixous to get the new computers. They saw the 18 Dell boxes come in on UPS and don't understand why we can't just unpack the boxes and start using them. I told them the wait will be worth it. Thanks again for everyone's imputs.


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Here's the original thread

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to IT consultants or do it y ...
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by trockii In reply to Here's the original threa ...

Read the sender. I was giving everyone an update. lol

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I think he knows that.

by apotheon In reply to LOL I AM TROCKII

He was posting that link for informational purposes for others that might happen across this thread and not know about the other one. At least, that's my interpretation. He also posted a link to this thread FROM the other one.

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by trockii In reply to I think he knows that.

Thanks TRIVAGUY for providing those links to tie the two posts together. I wish I could have UN posted that second post. I saw what you were doing AFTER i posted it.

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