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    IT = Crossing the river for water


    by acveab ·

    After my 25 years in computing it is strange to see how much effort and funds is still put into closed and semi-closed IT-systems mostly created not only to serve the customer but also the creator.
    Oblivious to the fact that IT?s future is in light and easy manageable solutions interacting with basic levels of knowhow of the common user of computers today and adaptability to everyday usage of administrative tools such as the Office pack and similar solutions.
    I have spent the past three years investigating what the majority of businesses at street-level are looking for as IT-marketing-tool and thus far I have not found anyone capable to deliver the kind of a solutions asked for.
    Can it really be that we all are so occupied by other duties then meeting the ustomers need that we forget over 80% of the potential market.
    Is anyone interested in really giving service to the needing or are we all plowing in the same tracks that sank the market three years ago.

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      IT = Flexibility

      by md_hashim ·

      In reply to IT = Crossing the river for water

      I agree that most solutions delivered are 80% satisfactory. The reason for them being that way I believe are not because the customer asked for a requirement to be met, but the solution provider tried to keep the solution flexible!
      The wanting to keep a solution versatile is what makes forgetting other market potential.

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