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IT Degree at 27. Working in Business until 34. Stuck. Certs worth a shot?

By area52_thesequel ·
Hello all.

I went to college just a little later than some I guess you could say, I graduated at 27 with a BBA in Information Technology with a cirruculum that was pretty heavily network security focused. I blazed through the degree and I immediately spammed for jobs after. Over the course of 6 months or so of looking I got two interviews with great companies but they wanted more experience.

So, I ended up taking jobs I didn't really expect and didn't even need the degree for such as bumbling in the tech support at a cable company answering calls about why isn't my cable/internet/phone working as well as things like Geek Squad. Not completely horrible but not what I was looking for in a career.

Around this time my father had just started a small business. His manager was an unreliable piece of work to say the least and he asked me to come on board after trying to find someone worthwhile. I agreed as it was a bit more money and I would essentially be my own boss. It was good for a little while but now I am in a situation...

I am about to turn 34. I have a fiance and we are ready to get married, look into a home, and *dun dun dunnn* maybe 2 kids in the next few years. We live in a modest apartment she is 26 and kinda in my same boat she is a bar tender at night studying to be a medical assistant during the day.

The problem with my current job is I make $32,000 am I am not glass "ceiling-ed" I am steel walled there until quite literally my father dies. I do our books and I know for a fact I am capped out. The only way we can make more money is to open a second location and that requires a massive investment we don't have. So, my "career" as it is now is at a standstill.

I am thinking about training someone to take my job and attempt to get *actually* into the IT field. The only option I see is certifications. I work 10-12 hour days 6 days a week I don't know where I could squeeze in a part time IT job for "experience". But, I sure as **** know I can get some certs in a years time.

So, the question is.....cause I feel it. Am I too old to do this lol? I was thinking going straight for CCNA as I know alot of that material and there are big CISCO companies where I live. Or should I just go with some kind of business cert since I have been doing nothing but business for a few years.


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