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IT Deparment Scope and Responsibility

By gregpeep ·
I Have a question concerning the scope of IT support. To what extent should the IT Department support vendor items purchased that perform a specific funtion for other departments. Specificaly items that require the support of the third party vendor.

For example we have a time and attendance application running on a dedicated PC the application recieves data from a finger print reading device which is connected to our network. Currently the HR department is responsible for registering users to the device and configuring the TA system based upon the HR policies. IT was responsible for providing the dedicated, supervisong the software installation and providing network connectivity.

It is clear to me that if any problems occur related to the network and the PC IT would be responsible. What is not clear is that if the problem is with the vendor. Who should coordinate the resolution?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to IT Deparment Scope and Re ...

Sourced and selected the vendor?

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by gregpeep In reply to Who...

HR, along with the site management. This system includes proximity devices as well e.g. cameras, and proximity card readers. IT was initialy brought in to determine if what was selected was compatible with our network, and hardware and software(PCs)

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by bigbigboss In reply to HR

You are one of the luckier ones that were brought in before the system was purchased. That would be the best time to settle the issue. But it is not too late now.

The best strategy you have now is negotiate with HR, and come to a mutually acceptable/tolerated solution.

Before you start the negotiation, you must know what your ability - skill, resources, etc. - are in terms of this particular system. How much can you do, if you are forced to do it ? How much can HR do if they are forced to do it ? What is really required - network, hardware, software, policy, education etc... is needed to keep this system really humming ?

Next, figure out what is your preference ? Do you want to do this kind of things or do you rather your clients (HR, etc.) to do - may be with your help.

There are typically these scenarios:

1. IT takes up all the responsibility
2. HR hires an outside firm - may be the supplier of the system, may be a third party to do what is out side IT's current scope - Networks
3. HR pays IT do do the work, and IT hires or outsource what they need
4. Combinations of the above

Which is your preferred scenario ? Will these work in your political/financial environment ?

After you have figure all these out, negotiate with HR, may be the level above both HR and IT, to determine a mutually satisfactory answer.

After this, IT should figure out what they want to do in the future and set out a preferred strategy. And, if applicable, have the corporate governance body set out a corporate policy to govern future situations.

There is no point in setting up IT policies that is sponsored by IT, managed by IT, resourced by IT, and enforced by IT. No one else will care. Do it at a higher level, if not by the CEO.

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Many IT departments face this after other departments make purchases.

by stress junkie In reply to IT Deparment Scope and Re ...

I've seen several IT departments face this issue regarding equipment that other departments have purchased. Eventually it leads to the IT department creating a policy covering this sort of thing. You have to let the other departments know about the policy. The policy can be anything that you want but it should include provisions for at least reviewing the other department's decisions to see if what they want to purchase is compatible with your current systems. You also have to consider what would happen if another department purchased something that required privileged access to something that you control such as the network or one of your servers. Very often upper management doesn't make a distinction between what a department ordered and what you ordered so they will say that you have to support anything that comes in the door. It is up to you to make it clear that you cannot support things that you didn't approve.

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IT Department Scope and Responsbility

by tvp In reply to IT Deparment Scope and Re ...

Dear All, It's a very common practice to blame IT Department for any problems. So I suggest to take responsibility on your self in the first place.Though HR department or any other department has to co ordinate but they will never do the same and will mostly put the blame on IT Department. I have mostly seen that any thing that happens be it users issue or data corruption due to users negliance, the blame will come on eventually on the IT Department. So it is best that IT Department take the complete responsibility from day one and try to keep as many checks as possible for the end users. That way you will avoid all sorts of problems, issues and have a successful IT Department.

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