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IT Department Organizational Structure

By joebastian ·
We are a fairly large IT Department - over 200 people.

We have currently, functions like-

Software design & development
Infrastructure managemement
System Admins
Information Security
Project management
Operations (Data Processing)
Business Analysis
Quality Assurance

What would be the best org. structure of this dept.; The designations and the job roles, that fits well with the current industry practices.

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by kevin203 In reply to IT Department Organizatio ...


This is well organise structure. But the support team should spilt into 2. one is the onsite support and the other one is helpdesk support that handling phone call.

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ITIL can point you in the right direction

by birgir In reply to Support

As you are restructuring you should look at ITIL ( service management principles and then you can look at your existing structures and decide how to go forward. It is a bit senseless to expect that you can take advice about what the actual structure should look like for your organisation from a forum where we who post have no idea about the business you are serving.

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Let me second ITIL

by jmgarvin In reply to ITIL can point you in the ...

It will help you get a handle on the processes and that will help you decide what functions your pieces serve and what services you actually offer and how you offer them.

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First things first

by JamesRL In reply to IT Department Organizatio ...

I find that its difficult to try and project an "ideal" structure in someone else's company, as I think you tailor your structure to the company's needs.

But I will say this, make a distinction between Operations (keeping the infrastructure running), Projects (creating and implementing new stuff), and Planning (strategic planning, budgeting).

They all have to work together, but its easier when you group like jobs together.


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To expound on this,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to First things first

The Operations section would include Infrastructure, DBA, System Admins, Training, Security, Operations, and Support.

Projects would include Software d & d, Testers, Project Management, and QA. Depending on the DBA's activity, they might belong here too.

Depending on what Business Analysis does, it could either be in Projects or a separate section. It belongs in Projects if its doing analysis for in-house project development. If its doing long-range strategic planning it's probably better off separate from the other two.

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well done!!!

by olusanyaoyeyemi In reply to First things first

i like your reply, it gave a concise and precise way IT department should be planned

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I wrote a blog post pointing to this thread

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to IT Department Organizatio ...

Hopefully we'll have some more people jumping in.

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Context counts

by Geek3001 In reply to IT Department Organizatio ...

I would consider adding Networking, Technology Integration and Strategic IT Planning to the list. But that is a matter of opinion.

The biggest thing to consider is the business environment or context your IT department must fit. This context is both physical and organizational.

If your business has everything in the same physical location, without branch offices, a monolithic IT department can work.

If your business has everything in the same physical location, but is broken into different divisions, each with its own internal structure, you might need a composite organization, some dedicated to each division and some at the corporate level.

If your business is physically spread all over, but is still monolithic in organizational structure, you can get by with a monolithic IT department.

The permutations are endless and should consider such things as company growth, diversification and organizational evolution.

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Magister's thesis colaboration request.

by cbermudez In reply to IT Department Organizatio ...

He there.

I'm writing my Msc. thesis about the IT departments organization capacity and his influence on the company success and behavior, specially in petrochemical industries. All help are gracefully accepted.


Carlos Berm?dez

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Your Thesis

by NelsonGama In reply to Magister's thesis colabor ...

Carlos Have you already concluded your MSc thesis? Can you share de document?

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