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IT Director vs IT Manager

By ravenwood2 ·
The company that I have been the IS Manager for 3 years as just hired an IS Director. The decision was made based on the 100% growth of the company for the past 2 years and the equivalent projected growth. It was determined that based on my lack of business knowledge and experience that the company needed someone with more of these traits. Here is the question. Neither the new director nor I have a clear understanding of what our new roles are going to be. I am a more adept at project management and the technical aspect and he is more business savvy and finance oriented. Is there anyone who has had the same situation happen? I count myself lucky I still have a job

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by timwalsh In reply to IT Director vs IT Manager

Think of the director as the CIO. The two of you should be working very closely together.

He (hopefully) has the business savvy and (again hopefully) enough technical knowledge to understand how to make the present technology help the company meet it's business goals and how emerging technology might help the company become more competitive and profitable. He should also act both as a filter between upper management (who tend to be very non-technical) and the guys in the trenches (who you lead) to (hopefully) prevent totally unrealistic demands and expectations on the IT department and as a translator to put very techical issues in terms that the non-technical upper management can understand.

Your job will be to actually implement the strategies to get the maximum use of the available technology and keep it available to help the company meet its business goals.

I don't think you are experiencing anything new. The company obviously values you for your technical skills (orthey would have found someone that could fill both positions). They just realize that (as you said) you don't have the business background to necessarily make the correct business-driven decisions about the use of technology.

Your best bet wouldbe to have some long discussions with the new director to discover where both of your strengths and weaknesses lie. Then you both can arrive at a better understanding of how to use each other to your (and your company's) mutual benefit. As it sounds like you probably understand your role pretty clearly (your job description probably hasn't changed much), you might suggest the the director research the functions and responsibilities of a CIO as this is what it sound like the management intendsfor him to be (with or without that actual title.

Good luck.

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My rule for success

by vital and experienced In reply to IT Director vs IT Manager

When I have found myself in a position where my manager and I have overlapping skills, I have found it helpful to adapt an attitude that anything I can do to help my manager be more effective in his/her job, will also make me more successful in mine. I suggest searching for opportunities where the two of you can complement each other, thereby conveying a positive image for the entire IT department.

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