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IT Director wipes his hard drive and quits, only Helpdesk here, What now?

By theNetNanny ·
I am picking up the pieces at a private school after the IT Director wiped his hard drive and quit without discussing it with me. I have been at the Help desk job for 6 months after just graduating from Tech college as a mid-life career change. There is nobody else that knows much except the Principal who likes technology as a hobby. I requested a Consultant and the guy shook his head and said no-thanks after he saw the wiring job the Principal and IT director did.

The only thing I was given was the passwords to the servers and local user computers - and that was a week after he left. I was never allowed to see how the servers are set up while he was here, or have very many passwords. there is no network documentation. I am poking around very gingerly and documenting as I go. The set up is precarious, on the domain he has 700 users on one OU. No wonder he was frustrated! He did everything locally.

Where is the activity log that documents inbound remote users from outside the network?

How do I find out how he was remoting in to the servers from home?

Where is the report generator on Windows Server 2008 R2 standard Edition, and Windows Server 2003? I found this on the college server last year for Capstone project, it gave details about the server setup in a nice report format.

Besides change log ins on the servers, clients, off site backup, email, etc. how else to safeguard the data?

Electric power often goes down here, Is there an order to re-start a network?

Thanks for you help, I'll provide details to brave souls who attempt advice.
NetNanny is still cleaning up after people!

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Study Wally

by Slayer_ In reply to IT Director wipes his har ...

Study Wally from the dilbert comics. This should help you keep your job as everything falls apart.

Sorry I can't offer any useful advice, but this bumps your discussion for you.

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by theNetNanny In reply to Study Wally

thanks Slayer, humor helps unwind. I appreciate the reply.

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Things I'd do first

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT Director wipes his har ...

1) Get something signed in Blood that if the wheels come off it's not your fault.
2) Have an extra 0 tacked before the decimal point on my salary.
3) Turn remote access off.
4) Back up everything that flickers.

Professionals hire very expensive security consultants to do this stuff.

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Thank you

by theNetNanny In reply to Things I'd do first

Tony, I'm so glad you came by. Thanks for your advice, I am doing all of them.

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