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    IT Due Diligence


    by mgosselin ·

    I am trying to create a Due Diligence checklist for IT. We will be asking these questions when we acquire another business, so that we are 100% sure of what we are getting into. Below are the areas that I have come up with. Have I left any gaping holes in this?

    A. Determine what type of IT infrastructure exists:
    1. Is it adequate?
    2. Are there potential problems with it? 3. Is it scalable?
    4. Take a complete inventory.
    5. Obtain all IT (eq.) documentation.
    6. Obtain all equipment warranties.

    B. Determine who is the local ISP:
    1. Is the service reliable?
    2. Is it fast enough?
    3. Is it the best bang for our buck?

    C. Determine what type of email system exists:
    1. Is it adequate?
    2. Is it reliable?
    3. What will it take to convert to ours?

    D. Determine if there are any Software licensing issues:
    1. Will there be ownership change-over costs?
    2. Does anything need to be renewed?
    3. Is the software up to date?
    4. Any potential problems?
    5. Ensure OS disks are available.

    E. Determine what type of phone system exists:
    1. Is it adequate?
    2. Is it reliable?
    3. Is it the same as the ISP?
    4. Can we make it the same as ISP?
    5. Faxes, copiers, etc. networked? Reliable?

    F. Is the network secure?
    1. Firewall?
    2. Antivirus?
    3. Proxy Server?
    4. OS Updates?

    G. Create Summary of IT including:
    1. Total IT inventory.
    2. Adequateness of IT infrastructure.
    3. Reliability of IT infrastructure.
    4. Options for betterment of IT systems.
    5. Cost analysis of betterment.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      i would also wonder about state of documentation for all this. do they have a user manual? what are the usage guidelines…do they have chain of command (if IT head gets hit by bus, what happens?) do they have disaster recovery plan. is it implemented. is it current.
      i would want the names of all outside parties they currently use to help support stuff (like phones). see if you can call them and talk to them about how it has been supporting company…
      find the manuals for all that stuff if possible…
      my concern would not be so much documentation for equipment warranties as i would like to have clear idea of software maintenance agreements…
      the inventory and the licensing are the big ones, seems to me. the ones that could have big hidden costs…i would like to see the security logs also, see if anybody is ‘after them’ any disguntled person who isn’t happy with takeover poking away at the public servers…it they have a history of that, could be expensive. i would like to see also what training they are giving employees about computer use and security…what about help desk? examine those records, maybe see some money pits…
      you guys hiring outside folks to help you with this?

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      by mgosselin ·

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      sgt shultz – we are not hiring folks to help us with this part of our due diligence currently. we are looking at buying a power plant, which relies very little on the IT network.

      thank you for your help – it was very useful.


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      by mgosselin ·

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