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IT employment for 40 years old men?

By techin ·

in 2 years I will be 40yo. For those who are in the 30s, you probably wonder the same as me : Can a 40 years old compete with all the young gurus?

Some people advice me to get away from IT field because it is imploding. Others told me to get a degree or ITIL certification and steps into management.

What is your opinion?

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If you stay current in your chosen area

by NickNielsen In reply to IT employment for 40 year ...

I don't see a problem.

You have an advantage over the young guns: experience. They come out of school and think they know it all. You know (or should know ), there's always something new to learn. I'm a 56-year-old support tech and don't have any trouble keeping my current job, nor do I expect to have trouble finding a new one if I have to go looking.

Only one warning: Remember how you felt when the old guys looked down their noses at you because of your age and inexperience? Don't do that.

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Young gurus still have to get experience

by AV . In reply to IT employment for 40 year ...

I'm in my 50's and have been in IT for 25 years. IT is a very lucrative field if you know the right stuff and keep up to date with the latest technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, Voip, etc. Certifications are always nice to have, but experience rules.


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Well I'm 47 and still doing it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT employment for 40 year ...

Can't compete with them on salary of course but technically I do more than alright.
Look at it this way, anything they know you can learn, and you've proved that several times already, unless you've been hidden under a desk flling some niche prehistoric tech position.

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47 going on 48 and agree with Tony

by nkromberg In reply to Well I'm 47 and still doi ...

In this day and age is about the value you bring to the business. The key is staying current with technology but leveraging your experience. You are doing the right thing by planning for the future. There are people who are Cobol experts that did not keep up with technology. Good luck

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Thanks for answering

by techin In reply to 47 going on 48 and agree ...

I appreciate your answer.

Sometimes people gets into management without being an IT Expert. According to your experience, do you think that social skills are often more valuable than the technical ones?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks for answering

To get into management you should have management skills..

Unfortunately for us this is not a requirement.

A lot of techs don't like it and/or are horribly crap at it.

Remember it's not a career advancement, it's a switch.

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If you are aiming for management, ...

by jkameleon In reply to Thanks for answering

... technical skills are not just less valuable, but meaningless, or even a hindrance. As a manager, you are not expected to do anything technical yoursef; you have to to make sure other people do it, and that's a huge difference.

Nkromberg wrote about "bringing the value to the business", and that usually doesn't mean "becoming a manager".

IMHO, becoming a manager in declining industry is not the best option, at least not for myself. Management jobs decline just like everything else.

Becoming business analyst and app developer in one is much better, I think. By being familiar with the business process, and understanding how my company makes money I'm much more effective at my job. Besides, if I'll have to bail out of the IT field, any additional knowledge will make this transtition a bit easier.

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Give it more thought

by santeewelding In reply to IT employment for 40 year ...

Push it out to, say, thirty more years, to that class of folk here regarding your pimples that you may not be anticipating.

Because, at your young age, how can you?

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51 & still doing it

by jkameleon In reply to IT employment for 40 year ...

Programming, of all things.

Like you, I'm not comfortable with my situation a bit. I'm afraid I've lingered in IT for too long. People I'm working with are almost 20 years younger. People I know from college left IT decades ago.

At the time being, I have no better idea about what else I could do for a living. Getting another job in IT is out of the question at my age. My plan is to stick with my current job as long as it goes, and then, well... my assumption is that I'll never be too old to try something new. That "new" won't be IT, of course.

Certification: I heard there's some big education & student loan scam going on right now. I suggest that you consider R.O.I. of certification carefully before you get it.

Management: Not everyone gets to be a boss, so... good luck with that, you'll gonna need it.

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Nobody 'gets to be a boss'

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to 51 & still doing it

You earn that position.

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