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By allen.daniel ·
I'm a month away from completing my two year program in Computer Network Support Technician. I wanted to take my A+ Certification. I'm not ready yet but I will in the next two months. There is a job offer in computer network support that this company is offering me. I'm not sure if I will be able to work while studying for my certification test. At the same time, I do want to start in the IT industry right away. What should I do? Any suggestion?

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IT your choice for inside!

by ranjeeth1 In reply to IT Employment

I never say NO! when there is an opportunity knocking our door. But in the same way, Finding a job also requires lots of struggle and hard work but Thank technology and social media networking and professional networking website such as Facebook & LinkedIn. Yes, I have easily wasted 2 years in search of a job after completing my graduation. but the skills I have learned as a marketer (Digital Marketing) helped me get a job finally and now if I just plan to promote my profile I get the opportunities just utilizing these above platforms easily. I got 30+ interviews in a month. So, Connect with the right audience in LinkedIn keep some activity and you can get your job opportunity.

So, now you need to decide whether to go for a job now or later but keep your self-updated in professional networks. :)

If you need any more help or support drop me a request or message. - reach me for any job assistance

Good Luck!

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IT Employment

by jane21august In reply to IT Employment

You get your experience when you are in the field Certification does matter but most of the time. You better got to learn while you are actually doing something and hence, in my opinion, you must take the job so that you could learn in the field what you cannot learn in your course.

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IT Job listing board

by roma.joanflor In reply to IT Employment

Hello! My boss is building an IT job listing board and finalizing the remaining steps. We would just like to ask for your opinion as to what domain name you would likely to choose if you are looking for an IT employment. See link:

Thanks so much!

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