IT Equipment Life Cycle Standards

By mnsaquib ·
I would like to know the industry standards for IT equipment life cycle. What is average estimated useful life of Data Center equipment, Servers, UPS, Desktops, Printers etc. Please help me in this regard
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There are no standards

by JamesRL In reply to IT Equipment Life Cycle S ...

My server room has some brand new servers and some that are 6/7/8 years old.
At our datacentres, I would expect not to see anything older than 4 years.

Desktops, I'm working on a three year old laptop, thats about the max time since they are more fragile than desktops. Some of my team are working on 4 year old desktops without complaint.


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by ---TK--- In reply to There are no standards

We still have a running (yes its still being use HAHAHA) VAX machine....

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Not surprised really

by JamesRL In reply to :)

In 2001 I went to visit a location and do a bit of an assessment. I found one PC that was an original XT, at that time about 14 years old. It was hooked up to a machine that read those radition cards that you wear around X ray machines or nuclear reactors. The PC read the data from the reader and put it in a file, which one a day was sent via serial connection to a user's PC.

I asked them if they had backups of the software, cause while I thought the Mb could last forever, I was sure that the items with moving parts - power supply and Hard disk would not.

They had a backup. But they hadn't checked the media the backup was on in a couple of years. I corrected that error.


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nice.... (NT) :)

by ---TK--- In reply to Not surprised really
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General rule of thumb

by indyguy59 In reply to IT Equipment Life Cycle S ...

As such there are no "Standards" for life cycle. It has been my experience with I.T. that a 3 or 4 year life cycle on computers(desktop, laptop, and servers), 4 or 5 years on printers. Have not had experience with UPS. hope it helps

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We have

by mamies In reply to IT Equipment Life Cycle S ...

Several four year old servers, one thats about 6 years old and one that is 6 months old believe it or not the one that the 6 month old one replaced was the youngest.

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From my experience

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to IT Equipment Life Cycle S ...

They allow the accountants to dictate this. With Accelerated Deprecation used in Tax Matters when the Servers get to the stage where they start to cost the company money in no Tax Benefits they get replaced.

So that depending on what is used as a Tax Law in your area generally means every 4 to 5 years the Hardware gets replaced completely and then generally before the End of that Tax Year.

This works quite well as the Value of these computers are written down before they start to experience problems from a Reliability Prospective and they get replaced before they start to become unreliable.

In smaller Business I have seen truly old computers that just keep working till they break and are not repairable. I've seen 286 systems connected to brand new CAM Equipment so that when they do break the Production of that place is crippled till the computer can be replaced and generally these places do not even have the Original Install Media let alone Backup's of it so that makes life difficult to say the least.


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