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By priyamanojkv ·
i m a student doing my BE(CS),i wnt to knw hw cn have a good career IN IT .I wnt to knw what jobs are available,n hw to knw about it.i wnt to knw what is sap,its benifits as a student.hw can learn it.

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IT Field

by CG IT In reply to IT field

first off IT guys don't abbreviate words like kids do when text messaging. IT guys use accronyms.

Jobs? look on, Careerbuild for jobs listing.

Last, get college degree and while you are going to college, get some hands on experience though work programs.

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My thoughts exactly.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to IT Field

Since I don't message, I had trouble following along..... LOL

Dang, I'm getting OLD!

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getting oold?

by Jaqui In reply to My thoughts exactly.....

naw, it's that text messaging has destroyed people's ability to communicate effectively with the written language.

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text messaging

by Churdoo In reply to getting oold?

I don't think that text messaging is the cause of the degradation of communication skills, but clearly it's an enabler and is one of the symptoms!

At least this dude, showing an address from India, likely doesn't use english as his native or primary language, so at least there's a plausible explanation for the poor spelling and grammar -- in fact, I applaud their attempt to use our language when asking for our assistance -- however poorly, at least they're making an attempt.

What gets me however, are the ones with addresses in english speaking countries with absolutely atrocious spelling and grammar. We all went through the same school systems, albeit a few years apart, yet I wonder how many of these made it through; has school changed that much? What about the parents? My Mom did not tolerate poor grammar and constantly corrected me until I got it right. The tolerance of poor written and oral communication skills of our own citizens is an embarrassment to the rest of the english speaking world.

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You can thank the dumbed down urbanization of the education system

by ManiacMan In reply to text messaging

It's no surprise that kids who go to urban schools tend to be dumber than kids who go to suburban schools. It has to do with that whole stupidity of rap and hip hop that has taken the English language and bastardized it to the jibberish garbage spoken by kids today. Also, look at all the dumbed down garbage kids are watching on TV? If MTV and VH1 are their sources of learning proper speech, then there's your answer as to why they sound like complete dumbasses and most likely won't get too far in life.

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by Churdoo In reply to You can thank the dumbed ...

No argument there

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I applaud your post Churdoo...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to text messaging

When I was a little kid I caused a bit of a stir on my first day at Primary School - I could already read and write.

Mind you both my Mum and Dad were school teachers, so maybe I had a head-start.

The thing that caused more trouble was that the Teacher, when she found out that I wrote with my left hand, tied my left hand to my trouser belt and forced me to learn how to write with my right hand.

Two weeks later my parents were amazed that I would sit at home, writing with my left hand, BUT right all the letters backwards: what is known as 'Mirror Writing'.

Shortly after that my father threatened the school with all kinds of legal action and consequently me and the three other kids in that class, were allowed to write with our (left) hand of choice.

So basically, even back in Primary school of 1960, there were faults in the education system.

We're just all too old to 'see' where the problems are now.

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Thanks OM

by Churdoo In reply to I applaud your post Churd ...

You're right; as you and another poster have said, we are getting old. :-)

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left handed...

by Jaqui In reply to I applaud your post Churd ...

when told by my grade 1 teacher to pick up my pencil in my right hand I picked it up in my left hand.

She told me that she had said the right hand.
I responded: This is the correct hand.

she left me alone using my left hand. :)
This was in 1972.

Then the school system made a huge mistake, they taught me how to read. after that, the system was just marking time for me.

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My Tecksis Edumacatshun

by JPLconsultant In reply to text messaging

In Texas, a teacher can be held personally liable by the parents of kid that fails. A failed student can result in a law suit from the parents and the teacher losing his/her job. Regardless of the kid's grades, class involvement, etc., if the kid fails, the presumption is automatically that the teacher didn't do his/her job.

I know several teachers that have kids in junior high and high school who are functionally illiterate, but they're going on to the next grade due the threat of losing their job. Teachers don't make enough money to defend themselves in court from the parents.

There are effectively no protections for a teacher that chooses to fail a student in TX.

Now, would you really fail a kid under our system?


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