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IT for people with hearing loss

By tonymustang02 ·
Hello everyone. I am Tony, and I graduated from Penn State university with a B.S. in Information Sciences Technology: application and integration. But somewhat I am unfortunate now, since I lost half of my hearing from the war back in my country (Kosovo). Now, I applied in many places to work as Web Designer, but once I told them about the hearing loss, I never heard again from them.

So, the question is which IT related field is best suited for me (even though I have knowledge of each IT like: web design, database administrator, computer tech and so on) having some hearing loss. I usually avoid using the phone.

Thanks a lot.


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Of course there is...

by dawgit In reply to IT for people with hearin ...

...There must be. I can understand, in situations, areas where communications might be muddled, (such as entry level, help desk, type of stuff) but I see a lot of folks in IT with some degree of hearing loss. A lot of us cut our teeth (and lost a few too) in the military, a very bad place for your ears. (and other body parts as well) Since you did mention Information 'Science' (as opposed to IT in general, meaning you can do more than PP) I would suggest you try 'Mainframes' <i>Now</i>. People are crying for people with those skills. And in that field I wouldn't think hearing loss would be a major problem.
Just how does it come up, (your hearing loss) anyway? I have, as I said hearing problems, and that has not been a factor in anything other than I just don't hear certain things. -d

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Hi Tony,

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to IT for people with hearin ...

I'm hearing impaired myself, and it's not a big handicap in IT.

Most corporate phones have volume controls on the handset and headset, most phones also have lights, and there are also some lights that attach to the phone line and flash if the company doesn't have them.

Don't worry one bit about it, it is a great field to get into if you're hearing impaired.

It hasn't slowed me down one bit.

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You do not need to disclose during the interview process.

by faradhi In reply to IT for people with hearin ...

If you can get through the interview without disclosing the hearing loss, you have no obligation to disclose any disability.

The only time you must disclose a disability is if you are requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA). However, you do not need to disclose this until you are actually offered a job. Further, if you are not requesting accommodations under ADA, you are not obligated to disclose.

Remember that the ADA uses the term "reasonable accommodation". If the accommodation is not reasonable then the employer may deny you a job on the basis of a disability. Further, if the disability cannot be accommodated reasonably in a manner that will bring you even with other employees in a vital job funtion (that is not the correct term but gets the idea across.) the employer can deny you a job. The definition of reasonable was left up to the courts. Therefore, be sure you research your request carefully and find ways that other employers have provided accommodations for the same level of hearing loss.

So, if I could get through the interview without disclosing the disability, I would do so. If the employer retracts and offer because of the hearing loss and the two cases listed above do not apply, the the employer does not seem to be compliant with the ADA.

Contact your student disabilities office for more information. Usually, they will help you find what is considered a reasonable accommodation and some of the better Student disabilities offices have employers that are friendly to those with disabilities.

I hope this helps.

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I am a Disabled Vet Too

by lindamarie In reply to IT for people with hearin ...

Hey, I am a disabled vet myself, and I have been in IT for...12 years officially I guess. There are services these days that can help, depending on the level of hearing loss you have. Look into TDD/teletype services. You should know about this stuff anyway. What if you ever need to call **1? Hospitals and **1 services use TDD/Teletype. You may be able to get the VA to pay for it. I recommend going to Disabled American Veterans. They have an office at my VA in Denver. Here is the website: They helped me a great deal.

The best invention is Instant Messenger, and many companies automatically provide this on workstations. If a company you work for doesn't have it, you should see if you can get it. There is no shame in saying, I lost my hearing in the war... ;-)

Best of luck to you!

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One more recomendation

by lindamarie In reply to I am a Disabled Vet Too

I just saw the trailer for a movie called Music Within:
This is about a man who lost his hearing in Vietnam, then he went on to create a program on hiring the disabled called the American's With Disabilities Act. I look forward to seeing it. It looks inspiring.

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