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    It has been determined that Bush defied all authority while in the military


    by thelastword ·

    It was on TV today that Bush defied all authority while in the military. He refused to take the yearly medical exam which was commonplace among others in the flight unit. He felt himself to be ‘above’ the rules. This attitude caused resentment among his peers and superiors. Further, he was admitted along with a group of others through the influences of his family.
    Sound familiar? This detailed account was given first hand by the secretary who worked for Bushes superior officer the entire time he served in the US military.
    This account reveals and reinforces the current Bush attitude where he has spent billions and has indebted the US to China and has felt himself o be above the law in international relations. This person should not be reinstated as president as his attitude is dangerous and defies basic respect for basic institutions and principles. His spending habits have been disastrous to the economy. He felt himself above the law at that time and still does. The secretary did note that he had impeccable manners and this still holds true but that should not override his other glaring defects.
    vote FOR SOMEONE ELSE. John Kerry can’t be THAT bad.

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      It’s about accountabilty

      by philospher ·

      In reply to It has been determined that Bush defied all authority while in the military

      President Bush and the republican party like to talk about accountability. As long as they as they don’t have to account for thier behavior. The arrogance displayed by this administration along with the fear tatics they are deploying in running this election is appalling. Why doesn’t Bush & Chenny have a debate with the democratic contenders.
      Are they afraid of answering real questions and discussing real issues. And while I’m asking the qustions, George Bush where is Osma Bin Laden. You say the country is safer, then where this guy. I’d Like to know

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        There are two concerns

        by thelastword ·

        In reply to It’s about accountabilty

        The two main concerns at this point are that Bush has indebted the US to China and now Bush has created a war which has allowed there to be an increase in terrorism. In addition, he has fully exposed the US arsenal which is fine but worse he has exposed that there is only so much the US can SPEND on wars.
        What is there to ‘debate’ at this point with regard to voting for BUSH. What idiot is voting for Bush or considering voting for Bush right now. I woudl like to get a handle on that demographic.
        Like what kind of an ignorant moron is still debating as to whether to vote for BUSH?

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      Old news, Bush isn’t the answer nor is war.

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to It has been determined that Bush defied all authority while in the military

      Old news comes to light as yet another segue in the war on terror.

      Quite honestly, anyone here knows I despise Bush and his misleading fear tactics to achieve his personal goals, nuff said on that.

      What is not being addressed is HOW to stop the war on terror. It won’t be by force that’s for sure, not unless you start nuking every country INCLUDING America.

      The bottom line is, we have all been quite distracted with Bush this and Kerry that and Iraq yes or no, but in the meantime, al-Qaeda has become bigger, stronger, better organized, more determined to wreak havoc on Bush specifically, recruiting in more countries than before, even PAYING new recruits as encouragement for poor people to seek al-Qaeda as a means of family support and they have been abusing Constitutional rights and multiculturalism to thier own benefit.

      While we have been bitching and arguing about the war on terror, we have completely missed the actual TERROR being formed around the globe.

      They are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Canada, England, Ireland and even the USA as well as MANY other countries, they are recruiting HEAVILY in Bosnia, where more than 1200 Muslim mosques have been erected since the end of the war in Bosnia.

      We have had our heads up our asses while complaining about left and right, Iraq and Afghanistan, they have taken advantage of this to better themselves and get well ahead of US in the game. I don’t think many people actually realize just HOW BIG al-Qaeda has become SINCE the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in fact we haven’t even made a slight dent, although many are touting how these OLD operatives are captured now, thwarting the terrorists from growing, which is now proven to be complete garbage, they HAVE grown, they HAVE recruited, what have WE done? Nothing at all of any substance or effect.

      The focus needs to change, it is impossible to win by war, yet so many still think war is actually working, gee I wonder who gave THAT impression so close to an election?

      America and the world (UK is slated as the next target, not the USA)needs to get their heads out of thier asses and wake up, these people CREATE war to divert attention from the tasks at hand. We have done nothing, they have done MUCH. How is THAT supposed to be considered WINNING a war on terrorism, we don’t even know the enemy anymore!

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      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to It has been determined that Bush defied all authority while in the military

      Try to keep up with the news. It has been determined that those documents were forged.


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        keep up with the news

        by clindell ·

        In reply to Forgeries

        Yes you should, there is discussion but they have not been determined to be forged. In fact the CBS news last night came out and said the White House has yet to come out and make a direct statement saying they were forged.

        Until Bush comes out and directly states that they were forged I will believe they are authentic.

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          Even if they were forged

          by thelastword ·

          In reply to keep up with the news

          The woman was telling the truth and clearly looked at the letters and said they were very similar to the actual letters albeit NOT the same letters exactly. There has been some reproduction of the letters to be sure but the information and the deal with BUSH is real. And I beleive an 80 year old woman who was THERE and has no reason to lie, particularly since Bush himself is testimony in character to exactly what she said. What can be denied and if some copies of the documents were made or some difficulty in getting the originals so what

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      True, he can’t be that bad.

      by mrafrohead ·

      In reply to It has been determined that Bush defied all authority while in the military

      He’s actually worse.

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      John Kerry can’t be that bad?

      by jtakiwi ·

      In reply to It has been determined that Bush defied all authority while in the military

      How would you know? The guy has been in Congress 20 yrs. and hasn’t done anything of consequence. I mean really, his campaign is so ashamed of his record in congress that they thought it would be peachy keen to run on his “hero” image and pretend he was a leader.

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        Well, bush is a religous fanatic though

        by thelastword ·

        In reply to John Kerry can’t be that bad?

        Nothing compares to that. I coudl see your point if it was a normal election but Bush is guaranteed to screw you. Given those odds, Uhhh, it has already been proven so give it to the other guy. Bush is giving your country away to China. done deal. Financially he’s given away your power to China. You like China? They will soon be your boss

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