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    IT Head Operations OR VP IT Operations


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    currently iam working as Systems Manager but also myself linux system and network administrator build the daata center and systems admins are reporting to me. from past one year involved in understanding the business process and recomended , conveninced with business case on cost effective CRM i,e sugar CRM closely working developer and my operations team of sales/marketing on day follow ensuring eveybody using the CRM if not using for some rean identify and reslove making evey user to use the CRM.

    2. it was very had ro convenince the management for the MPLS VPN for all branches finally with business case and many follwup MPLS VPN been implemented.

    3. Again for sales automatic calls routing and monitoring based on published number customers calling will aumatically routed to the sales officials on round robin fashion and also inetbanch voice communication over the MPLS implementation is in process. to sell this idea i struggled a lot and finally got approval and now implementation is in process all the soultions i recommend are of linux open source and myslef involved in system and network administration.

    4. now the budgeting and work approval project being handled by me from openerp

    I feel i have to ask for designation change can anybody recommend me which designation will hold good for me and organization can afford.

    Please help.

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