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By OwenB ·
Im after some advice on Helpdesk Software. Do you have any suggestions on good software you use. It would be great if its either free or fairly cheap as we have a very tight budget. Also if it intergrates with outlook in some way that would also be great.

I want it to manage tickets and allocation to support staff etc

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Helpdesk Software

by mlacombe In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System

You can try either MouseTracks or TrackIT

Also try this website it has some other programs that may be of interest.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System

Although it is used for bug tracking, Bugzilla might fit the bill. It is both Open Source and FREE.

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OpenSource and Free

by Cgoeckel In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System

Double Choco Latte

Double Choco Latte is a GNU Enterprise package that provides basic project management capabilities, time tracking on tasks, call tracking, email notifications, online documents, statistical reports, a report engine, and more features are either working or being developed/planned. It can be displayed inside of a phpGroupWare installation or be used stand-alone. It is licensed under the GPL (GNU Public License), which means it is free to study, distribute, modify, and use.

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by daves In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System

We've just recently started using Readydesk ( Its inexpensive and seems to do just about everything we need including e-mail notifications and ticket submission. It uses MSSQL or Access and allows for almost unlimited custom fields for tracking your own information.
Another solution we evaluated and almost went with was ZenTrack. Its an Open Source Help Desk/Ticketing system based on mysql/PHP which seems to have a pretty active user community.

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kayako seems to be good but more expensive

by OwenB In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System
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I can't recommend any of the ones I've used

by Navy Moose In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System

I have used Remedy, TOP, and Track-IT. I can't recommend any of those.

We're moving over to HP Open Desk and I've heard nothing but good things about it. Until I see it with my own eyes and have to work on a sev 1 at 3AM, I'll reserve judgement.

If you're going for ISO or ITIL certification, I know TOP is designed for that, which is why we implemented it.

Hope this helps.

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HP has potential

by ebeck In reply to I can't recommend any of ...

I've used HPOD, and it has so many options for use it really depends on the implementation. When I first used it, the design was so simplified it was more trouble than it was worth. If well thought out, it can be useful.

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by aez480p In reply to I can't recommend any of ...

First of all im from Sweden so please forgive my bad english.

Regarding helpdesk software im a big fan of Remedy i have also used Altiris wich i dont like that much.
I have also heard a lot of great things about Hp?s software

But what i beleve it all comes down to is the fallowing functions

ability to quickly Register a new incident
ability to monitor the insident and also abilty to assign the insindent to the right team with correct priority.

and i think remedy is the perfect tool for that.


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Hi---You can use this

by itsmeyaa In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System

You can use ONEORZERO TASK management system for IT, I think that is better for u. avaialabe at free download at free cost (GPL)., Use Apache, Mysql, and PHP engine. If any let me know or mail me at

Nanda Kumar

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free for commercial use web based help desk software

by polar1 In reply to IT Helpdesk Ticket System

Polar Help Desk - a great web-based helpdesk solution designed for Windows Servers. This software is intended for small businesses who need to organize or improve their customer support. There is great team of engineering?s that are working on that product for a couple of years. You can find and download the free version at It's fully featured and free for commercial usage, 1 technician and unlimited end users..

? Incident management
? Knowledge Base
? Email integration
? Active Directory integration
? Service Level Management
? Reports
? Multiple languages support

Clear user-friendly interface. Support is provided on 24 x 7 through the help desk or chat. Set your online customer support fast and easy. We are confident you will enjoy our help desk support software. If you are interested in codes for this great product, you have ability to buy the source code with unlimited technicians.

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