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    IT in Germany, USA, Canada, Switzerland


    by tigran tsaturyan ·



    I am a student and preparing to do Masters and in future to search for a job there and immigrate. I am choosing between USA, UK, Canada, Zurich, Germany. University world rankings are great, but what is your opinion about the IT level. What I do know about it, is next:
    USA – IT leader, a lot of new stuff, lot’s of jobs, but expensive education
    Canada – it’s cold there and it is lacking of IT specialist
    Germany – leader in Europe in machinery, IT, etc.
    UK and Zurich – no so much, but these countries are top ranked in Computer Science.

    What do you think are job possibilities there??? What will you choose?
    I hope to do web development in the future.

    Sorry, if little off topic.
    Thank you for any opinions or what to consider.

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