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IT industry failing due to Insourcing (H1B) or Outsourcing?

By megabaum ·
Why is it so unpopular to be a US citizen these days? So many in the US, including IT professionals, moms and pops and college grads have bought in to the "media-hype" about globalization and the need to compete with the "best and the brightest" in other countries... really?

No, the shift in IT jobs, from the US to other countries) isn't about skill set, experience or qualifications... rather as many of you know, it's about who can do the work the cheapest$! Clearly, an unfair disadvantage for US IT workers, who paid college tuition in the US, has a high cost of living, and who simply cannot compete with someone who can live comfortably earning $10 per hour.

Although the US Non-immigration guest worker program has documented rules and guidelines for safe-guarding US jobs, they watch as US corporations find 'loop holes' and continue socially irresponsible practices, which harm US IT workers...In the meantime, while the government continues to put US workers at a clear disadvantage, ... IT workers are told to re-invent themselves, ... accept it and stop "whining". I shake my head, much like Scooby, hhhmmmm?

The logical answer is that IT workers, in specified areas (e.g. Help Desk, support, QA and some programming) simply cannot compete in this scenario that the US government/ corporations have created. In all cases when possible, the company is going to chose the "cheapest" option, plain and simple; fair competition, skill set, experience, education, interviewing skills... sadly none of this is part of the equation. A sad reality that they treat US jobs, US workers like "widgets" to be traded for higher corporate profits.

What's worse, is those who've bought in, those who use fuzzy logic, or no logic, and tell the unemployed IT worker to stop "whining", really this sort of thing really drives me nuts...

What can be done, or what should be done is part of another discussion, however for starters we can stop underestimating the concerns, experience, education, and skill-set of those IT workers from the US, who have lost a jobs to insourcing, or outsourcing... If we buy into the hype and accept this as so called competition, well... we're buying into non-truths; hurting the morale of unemployed US workers; allowing US jobs/and training opportunities to be lost, and naturally we risk a loss of potential opportunities for college grads and those thinking about getting into IT.

One poster recommended I talk about what can be done, so here it goes =)
-1 Learn about these issues and write your politicians about e-verify, Doha Rounds, and the impacts of the H1B program.

-2 Write the Obama administration and ask about the promise made to raise taxes on companies who off-shore US jobs.

-3 Support unemployed, US workers and stop suggesting they are not the best and brightest...=) or that they should just accept it and move on... In a sense yes you have to accept everything that comes you're way; however there are things that can be done... refrain from hype and bogus talk.

-4 Blog, email, talk about how Insourcing/ and Outsourcing has impacted you! Were you forced out of a job? Are you unable to find a job? Was your job assumed by a "guest worker"?

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The "really" word

by santeewelding In reply to IT industry failing due t ...

Sinks your platform.

And, since you don't mark it with quotes, but carry it unadorned, part and parcel of your premise, I conclude you think there to be such a state -- "reality" -- ascertainable if only you can garner enough answers with your post.

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Interesting, I can't say you're wrong

by megabaum In reply to The "really" word

Yep I think you got me... I am biased with my own opinion, however want to learn more about what others are thinking about the issue, or non-issue, to be fair. ... there's a pretty substantial gap in thinking regarding all of this.


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Go socratic?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Interesting, I can't say ...

How do you think it all works?
Why do you think india is getting helpdesk services outsourced to them?
Do you think India's best and brightest are doing helpdesk?
Do you think it's wrong to attract foreign experts the US? And why? Did a nobel-prize class immigrant steal your job? Or will s/he create your next one?
Do you think the wheel, once invented can be uninvented?
India has a large english-speaking population capable of doing acceptable quality work for less.
Do you think they will remain cheap forever?
Do you think China will remain cheap?
What do you think can be done?
What do you think should be done, even if it can't?

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k- got it, I went Socratic...

by megabaum In reply to Go socratic?

... went Socratic =)


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by AnsuGisalas In reply to k- got it, I went Socrati ...

It was a recommendation, not a laudation. Sorry.
You could answer those questions you know.
Simplified populist agitprop will do no good.
If you're competing with India's "best and brightest", then you can get a job anywhere, anytime. Odds are you're not, no offence.

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Hard to please?

by megabaum In reply to Implosion?

Okay dude, I went socratic, ... if it's a laudation oh well...=P Clearly I'm passionate... but perhaps you don't like reading very much? no offense =) I'm more interested in your thoughts on the issue... but thanks for the extra added critique.

Do you have a job in IT? Still in school? Have you ever worked in the US?


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You misunderstand.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Hard to please?

I was suggesting you investigate your premise, the mind broadens from the inside, don't you know? Socrates knew that he knew nothing, which made him stand out among the truly ignorant.
I read your post and made counterquestions to start from. You can answer those, or you can implode, and bravely run away, away.

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"You misunderstand"

by santeewelding In reply to Hard to please?

Is an affront to God, the omniscience of which you parade in order to make the statement.

Do it again -- any way, shape, or fashion -- and I abandon all hope for ye.

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A phrase in any other form is still...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Hard to please?

...reliant upon it's recipient for interpretation?
I understand not.
Does not compute.
Say again?
If Pi=4 Then e=Pi/2!

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Hard to please?

It can easily be shown that 2+2=3.

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