IT Infrastructure Project Plan Template !! Needed !!

By devkakkar ·

I am in the process of setting up complete IT Infrasructure;includes Servers, Software Licenses, PCs, Softwares, VPN, ERP, Network, Security etc. Please help if someone has complete template for the same.


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Every implementation is different

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to IT Infrastructure Project ...

I'd advise taking a look at some of the templates that MS Project has, and then tailor it to your specific needs.

Here is an example of what they have online:

Hope this helps!

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Infrastructure design plan

by Nimmo In reply to IT Infrastructure Project ...

Visio is a good bit of software you can also use to design a layout of the network setup (the roles each device/server will provide) allowing you to see a physical layout of the network.

Just a quick run through that may help you.

Licensing factors:

Are you going to use a terminal server? (licensing is very different compaired to local licensing on PC's)

What software is going to be used & does everyone need the applications.

Network Growth:

Obsouly how many users are going to be on the network (whilst providing room to grow).

Backing up & redundancy:

What backup stratagy are you going to use, how many drives will you need and at what rotation will you be using. i.e. mod/wed, tue,wed, fri, monthly.

Users PC's:

What applications are they going to use, this can influence what hardware is needed i.e. graphic development PC's need better spec's to someone who just need to use office applications.


Will the device you have/or are going to buy provide the services you need, and will they support your network for future growth.

i.e. Do you need VPN capabilities, are there enough ethernet ports on the switch to support the current PC's along with future growth.


How much space do you need currently
How fast is the company's data growing
how are you setting up the server(s) drives. i.e. RAID setup
RAM, CPU, motherboard compatabilities.

Network Speed:

If you have a WAN you will want a high speed connection especially if you are using a VPN (the overhead may not be alot but it will still steal bandwidth for you)

What type of connection are you or do you have (ADSL, SDSL, ISDN etc...) and what speed is it at.

You will also need to take into account things such as will you have telecomuters, or will (if you have a WAN) the head office be hosting a database or anyother application that users will need to access (if so you will want a high speed Synchronous line or at least an ADSL connection with both high upload and download speed)

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Hello, we are a system integrator firm in Turkey.

by denizy In reply to IT Infrastructure Project ...

If still you need consultancy and / or installation we can help you.

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