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IT internships

By fhayden ·
Okay so I have an opportunity to work with a network administrator this summer. It's an unpaid internship and I have to drive 46 miles each way. Fuel cost is being covered by a third party.

I've got a BA in Management Information Systems and I'm currently working on a few entry level certifications. For example: A+ and Net+. Will be taking some Cisco courses at the community college in the Fall.

Question: How long should I intern for the network administrator before moving onto other possible opportunities? I've got no experience working within the IT field. I guess, my questions is how long do people usually intern for something like this? I was told I could stay as long as I like.


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The reason for an internship

by NickNielsen In reply to IT internships

An internship is a chance to gain work experience. Take advantage of it and learn as much as you can about the nuts and bolts of network administration. Your mentor (the administrator) should be helping you to get a broad range of experience in network administration, from basic user tasks to system troubleshooting and repair. The advantage to the company, of course, is they get a worker without having to pay him.

How long the internship should last is up to you. You don't want to give away your work for too long, but you also want to have the basic skills required to be able to work on your own. I would work there for the summer, then see how it's going when you start taking courses again in the fall. If they offer you a part-time job, you are ready to go to work because you are already familiar with their systems.

Whatever you do, DO NOT work longer than the summer as an intern for that company; they will try to use you as unpaid labor for as long as you let them. If there's no possibility of getting a paying job with that company, ask your mentor for a reference, then go looking elsewhere.

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IT internships

by fhayden In reply to The reason for an interns ...

I've kinda got a feeling that I'm not going to get hired. The place I'm working for is a government agency and I spoke with Human Resources briefly.
Human Resources told me the point of the internship is to get my feel wet in the business and they did not have money to hire me.

My internship was coordinated by someone who used to work for that particular agency. He told me that they have government contracts with other federal agencies and I may be able get a position if I worked hard enough.

After talking to Human Resources she told me I had no change of getting a position through one of those contracts. Oh well, at least I know what to expect.

The one reason I'm really excited about the intern position is because I really like the network admin. He's studying for his CCIE and seems very knowledgeable. I'm sure I'll learn a lot from him.

I agree that I should probably only work there for the summer. I think in that much time I should be able to use some creative networking and discover other possibilities...I hope :)

Thanks for the replies!
Frank Hayden

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While the third party is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IT internships

covering the fuel costs.
While you haven't got a paying job.
Most importanty wihle you are learning from it.
A tip, take it serious, you never know a real job might come up while you are there, that's basically how I got my start.

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Taking it seriously

by fhayden In reply to While the third party is

During the initial interview I had a great conversation with the network administrator. I guess he could sense my passion for learning and technology.

He actually took me on a tour and showed me the server room. I plan to take this opportunity very seriously. I'm smart enough to know that even though the place I will be interning doesn't have the funds to hire me they may know someone who does.

Last I heard was the Network Administrator couldn't wait until I started and had plenty of work for me to do. I'm excited to actually use what I've learned in college and by reading on my own.
Best Regards,
Frank Hayden

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