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It is Friday! Help write the story

By jdclyde ·
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The rules are simply keep each post fairly short.

Someone makes a post, adding to the story. Everyone keeps adding more at the end.
Wonder where this would end up?

yes, story was started elsewhere....

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"It's quiet. Too quiet....."

by jdclyde In reply to It is Friday! Help write ...

"It's quiet. Too quiet....."
<as the monster reaches out and rips his head off, blood squirting out of the empty socket like a cheap garden hose.>

<que hysterical woman>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! <she gets covered in blood as the body falls on her, and gives a sick "wet tee-shirt" look to keep the guys watching>

<hysterical woman>"WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!"<all guys comment now that if she didn't look so hot in her blood soaked shirt on this cold cold night, they would wish she would be the next to die. hit "MUTE">

<token macho guy>"The monster went THIS way! Lets see where it went!"<guys in audience say "yeah, you do that dumba$$!>

<as they walk through the woods after the monster, guys watching the cold hot babe in the blood soaked shirt can't help but think "Turkeys done!">


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Meanwhile, in a nearby part of the woods...

by Beth Blakely In reply to "It's quiet. Too quiet... ...

<i><rugged gun-toting woman walks around campfire carrying a large shotgun. She checks to ensure that it's loaded and throws it into the back of her beat up Chevy truck. She settles down by the fire and picks up her six-string./i><br>
<i><rugged gun-toting woman's friend, Ginny></i><b>Are you gonna play Cumbaya now?</b><br>
<i><rugged gun-toting woman></i><b>Don't be a smartass. Playing relaxes me.</b><br>
<i><the sound of running footsteps becomes audible and both women turn to look at each other, eyes wide></i><br>
<i><Ginny></i><b>What was THAT?</b>

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It was the Himalyan Yeti

by onbliss In reply to Meanwhile, in a nearby pa ...

<rugged gun-toting woman shrieks> Himalayan Yeti !!!
<Ginny> How did it get HERE?

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In yet another part of the woods

by Tig2 In reply to It was the Himalyan Yeti

A hopelessly lost couple are bungling their way through the trees, hoping to find the road. They have between them a small flashlight and a Zippo lighter with the American flag on it.

Over a hill and through a small clearing they discover what looks like a WW2 bunker carved into the side of a mountain neither of them have any interest in climbing.

They find cover and quietly discuss what to do next- should they try to find out why the bunker is there? Or should they turn tail and head out the other way- after all, the mountain is a pretty good indication that they are going the wrong direction to find the road.

A bellowing scream makes their decision easy- the Yeti has found them.

"What in heck is a Yeti doing here?", they wonder as they dash for the bunker in hopes that they can get away from the beastie.

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As they run through the doorway

by jdclyde In reply to In yet another part of th ...

Mambo gets a sinking feeling in his gut as he notices the heavy iron door is busted down, but from the inside.

What have they gotten themselves into?

Another howl speeds them deeper into the bunker.....

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After managing to open the door...

by onbliss In reply to As they run through the d ...

<i>...the couple rush down the bunker. It is dark, smelly and wet. The Zippo lighter is useless in the heavily moist air. Mambo turns on the flashlight.<i>

<Mrs.Mambo cries out>Bloooooooooood
<Mambo realizes it was blood that made the air moist>
<Mrs.Mambo agonizes loudly>Howling? Blood?

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by jdclyde In reply to After managing to open th ...

"Moist" in the same post as the "Pure One" is almost more than I can stand! :0

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You started it!

by Tig2 In reply to After managing to open th ...

You don't get to interrupt the story telling just because we have all recognised (with HAL's help) that Mambo has joined the rest of us in the gutter!

Besides... GG always knew that about him!

Edited to add: It's all your fault! Fess up! You know it is!!!

PS- You know I love ya babz!!! (Credit to GG)

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Suddenly light floods the chamber.

by DMambo In reply to After managing to open th ...

The happy Mambo couple discover that it's not really a WW2 bunker they're in, it's The Brew Witch Project, the trendy horror-movie themed brew pub that opened last week. And that wasn't howling, it was the song stylings of the Purple Dinos, the Barney music tribute band. "What could be purer than a freshly brewed porter and some Barney music" exclaimed Mambo.

"Well then let's belly up to the bar for a pint or two" Mrs Mambo declared happily.....

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Mr. M being....

by onbliss In reply to After managing to open th ...

...a teetotaler starts to nurse a "Bloody Lemonade". The lemonade was freshly squeezed and contained lots of pulp. Some of the pulp get stuck in Mr.M's teeth. As Mr.M reaches into his pocket to get his floss out........

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