It is possible to use wireless on a Debian "Lenny" Linux laptop?

By JasLav77 ·
I have a dual boot toshiba laptop on which I am running Windows 7 and the latest version of Debian "Lenny" Linux. I have tried all the built-in wi-fi utilities and can't get any of them to work, I have also tried downloading driver from intel for linux but this also failed. Is it possible to use wi-fi on Lenny? I know Ubuntu and other breeds of Linux have better Wi-fi capabilities but I'm required to use Lenny as part of a university course I'm studying.

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by ---TK--- In reply to It is possible to use wir ...

what is the model of your Toshiba?
** I have never worked on Lenny, but its Debian based, so most things should be close.
Edited to add a few things...
I would connect it to a LAN connection, then run a few commands:
#sudo apt-get update
#sudo apt-get upgrade
#sudo apt-get install wireless-tools

then I would do a quick reboot.. you could restart services... but a reboot will be best if you are new to linux...

Then check to see if the OS finds your WIFI card... also make sure your WIFI is turned on via hardware switch.

If that still doesn't work, I would suggest going to this site, and follow the procedures listed... they use a dell driver, but I would use the Toshiba driver that is meant for your PC...

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You may need to get it through Synaptic rather than add remove

by cpubymike In reply to It is possible to use wir ...

There is about 20k programs in synaptic

only about 5k in add remove if that.

try searching %intel%wireless%synaptic%

you could also do a mod probe and see what drivers and modules you do have installed.

When using synaptic you might have to do a complete removal and reinstall. complete removal will undo any config files that were moded so if they were moded wrong than reinstalling should fix

Had similar problems with a Broadcom card till I discoverd b43xx fwcutter

nice lil package that pulls Broadcom firmware and plugs it up with WPA suplicant and stuff like that works pretty well typically helps in older 3-4 or more year old Compaqs and HP's

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The "stable" tree will almost certainly require NDISWRAPPER

by r_widell In reply to It is possible to use wir ...

Lenny is getting VERY long in the tooth, so..

Unless you are willing to rebuild the kernel to add the appropriate driver support, the version under Lenny-stable is too old to support any wireless drivers (that I've found).

You may (I haven't checked) be able to find a new enough kernel in the Lenny-testing repository, but it's entirely likely that you'll need to add the Sid repository to find a kernel new enough to enable wireless support.

Note that adding the testing or Sid repositories will almost certainly initiate a massive upgrade of all of your installed apps as the intertwined dependencies of the packages in those repositories will show that few of the applications installed under stable will be current enough to survive the kernel upgrade.

Using NDISwrapper is a much safer approach.

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