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It is time?

By dg.itpro ·
I have been in the IT field for about 14 years. The better part of my first 10 years was with one company. After I left there I was privileged enough to work in a very exciting position doing an entire build for a startup (network, servers, telephony, wiring, etc?) I loved the experience. When everything was said & done and the dust was settled (literally) I was left wanting more. That plus the commute was stating to take its toll (over 50 miles one way). After leaving this position I took yet another, what seemed like, a very challenging position. There were talks about SAN environments, Blade Servers, network upgrades and such. Score! Well, not really the economy took a dump and well I was told flat out none of that would materialize for a good 3-4 years. So I was left doing mainly support work. I was lucky enough to take a side gig during those days that was yet again, another build for another startup. This one involved PCI compliance and building the entire infrastructure. It's been a great experiance and I am here now full time but...Well here I am several months after the build and getting the company PCI compliant and I find myself looking for ?something else/more?.

I just had an interview this morning and I just don't see myself working for one employer for a long period of time anymore.

I have been thinking a lot and I MEAN A LOT, about consulting.

Is it time for me to seriously make this happen?
What?s the best route to take?

Thoughts, comments greatly appreciated.

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It would appear

by NickNielsen In reply to It is time?

You like the challenge of projects, but don't like the day-to-day routine of normal support.

You may very well be able to translate your experience into a full-time consulting gig.

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