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Hi. This is my first time using this forum and I'm hoping it would prove helpful for me. I was using my computer tonight when I accidentally went full-screen. I tried to escape and frantically pressed a bunch of random keys (which I don't remember). After that I realised that I had lost connection to the internet. When I clicked at the little globe thing on the task bar, it only showed airplane mode and the wifi option had disappeared! I have tried multiple things but I things but I reckon the problem is with the network adapters. The trouble-shooting revealed that 'windows did not a properly installed network adapter' Please help. Remember I'm not tech-savvy so an easy explanation would be appreciated.
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Try this to help resolve

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to IT issue

What do you do when your computer is stuck on airplane mode?

Let's check them out.

- Restart PC. If the airplane mode isn't turning off, start by restarting your PC. ...
- Turn off Airplane Mode Properly. ...
- Reset Network Settings. ...
- Enable Radio Management Services. ...
- Check Network Adapters. ...
- Change Startup Type. ...
- Change Power Settings. ...
- Check Your Antivirus.

Wifi is turned off by default when airplane mode is enabled. You can manually turn wifi back on even if still in airplane mode. The steps in the above section were found doing a Google search for "turning airplane mode on in Windows 10".

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It worked!

by khanh2 In reply to Try this to help resolve

Just woke up today and restarted my computer, which fixed the issue. Thanks a lot for the reply.

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